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Hendrix and the Swedish mystery machine

Air Sweden

The roadtrip crew - The Guernsey boys, Ingva and Hendrix (The Swedes)...

View from the Lake Louise gondola

View from top of Lake Louise ski field

The new Lake Louise gondola

View from top of Lake Louise ski field

The Lake Louise superpipe - with Matt and Stacy in it

The Lake Louise terrain park

Lake Louise itself

Mic & The Swedes at Lake Louise

Chateau @ Lake Louise

Drinking session at the end of the road trip

Well, the road trip was somewhat interesting. The swedes had purchased a 1981 Ford Custom truck, which was huge - so the 6 of us had no problem fitting in. However, $500 doesn't buy you much truck in this country, and as a result, the Ford:

- Had a gaping hole in the passenger side floor, big enough to spray you with road dirt

- Had no indicators

- Needed to be crash started regularly

- Had no seatbelts in the rear seats - in fact, the rear seats were just a tool box with a couple of squabs on it

Pretty fun trip - group being the 2 swedes, the 2 Guernsey boys, myself and Mic the Aussie. We met another kiwi from Fernie in Lake Louise and all rode together for a few days then everyone except Mic and myself headed back to Fernie.

Lake Louise is a massive field, spread over 3 mountain peaks. Although they are also having a rough season, the extra altitude has kept the snow base in a bit better condition. It was pretty icy initially, with quite a few moguls, but the last few days have seen a few cm of snow which is helping.

Louise also has the biggest park and superpipe I have ever seen. Have been taking it easy since wasting my back which is still not 100%.

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