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A firery sunrise in Claremore OK as we prepared to leave the...

As we left town we came across this BLVD. Patti Page was...

The local V.F.W. have this plaque that reads : For those who...

Curves, for womens exercise, resides in this cute old stone church.

Tulsa skyline along the Arkansas River

Bright red soil of Oklahoma

At last heading down to Interstate 40 towards home.

More old Route 66 vendors

Oklahoma cattle

Roling Hills

Astronaut Tom Stafford Air & Space Museum, a must stop for our...

Larry says we'll have to catch this one next time through.

Yes, people still drive on the old Route 66

Want to do some "tractor tipping" like in the Disney movie CARS?

Remember "Frank" the combine harvester in the movie CARS?

Another "tell it like it is" billboard in Oklahoma.

We passed a few small windmill farms, nothing like we have near...

Along Route 66

Beautiful red earth and green rolling hills.

Cattle are smart - chilling in the shade of a tree on...

Another stop for our next time through

Hello Texas.

and Welcome to Texas

Pretty rolling hills

What are these?

More shade for the cattle

Someday we should stop at all these silly Route 66 stops

Our long & winding road

Lovely north Texas landscape

Arriving in Amarillo

Our camping spot at the Amarillo Elks

The Amarillo Elks Lodge, again friendly people.

Our morning started with a fiery sunrise peeking through the trees and proceeded to be a warm sunny day. We found out that Patti Page was born in Claremore, OK and they have named a Blvd. after her. There was an old stone church that now serves as a women's workout center, Curves.

We passed by Tulsa along the Arkansas River and had views of bright red Oklahoma dirt everywhere. There were more Route 66 memorabilia and reminders of Disney's movie, CARS.

As the day warmed, it was nice to see the cattle finding shelter under the trees.

After crossing into Texas, the landscape continued to be red dirt and lovely rolling hills. We decided to stop at the Amarillo Elks Lodge and make use of their RV parking for the night.

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