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our living room view

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Anna has found her spot (when we don't have company, of course)

So sorry for not posting in so long. How quickly time passes! We have definitely been keeping busy.

Rick spent a few hours at the office the first four post-retirement days. I stayed home beginning the necessary sorting of personal belongings (keep or give away). And finally on Thursday afternoon we did a little "we are really retired!" dance.

Friday we drove to Boise for the Annual Red Cross Meeting. We spent many hours going from store to store looking for malamine dishes and to see if we could find anything in Cabelas that we didn't know we needed. We finally decided on dishes they had in Target that looked like stoneware. It was a bit exhausting and disappointing that there wasn't more to choose from in the "big city". We have a Target in Twin Falls that carries the same pattern. Thank goodness we didn't go to Boise just for that.

We left Boise early Saturday to be home by eleven to help with and participate in the Rotary golf tournament. The weather was wonderful and the food delicious. Then came two family emergencies that took the following ten days. Everything will be fine with the family members - we are so thankful. Whenever there was time I lined all the shelves in the kitchen, living room and bathroom and we shopped for a rack/shelf system for the entry closet. We chose not to buy the washer/dryer and use the closet for that precious storage area we constantly read and hear about.

We finally got around to draining the antifreeze and rinsing and filling the freshwater tank. Then we ventured into the land of tank drainage. Our Montana is one with the swing-arm black water drain. We ran clear water through the toilet, the shower and both sinks and noticed that the drain line was leaking in two places and wasn't completely shutting off. After messing with it for two days we called the dealership. They let us know that there was a third valve for the kitchen drain. Oh really? Why were there two valves in the convenience center and another in a whole different place? Well, after searching around we found it and sure enough the dribbling drain stopped. We still needed to address the leaking issue. So today we were ready to close up the rig and haul it over to the dealership to see if they could fix the leak,- but before we brought any slides in we did some more exploring. It appeared that the one ring-clamp needed to be tightened and there was no ring-clamp on the other end......why? And why does the flex hose between the fixed drain and swing-arm sag? Ok, so let's just take the end off that "connects" to the fixed drain. What?-a cap on a string? Oh....this must be where the portable hose needs to connect and where we can actually seal the drain for traveling. We searched all the manuals and reviewed our orientation/walk-through. We could not find anything about a third valve or recall anything about the drain except that when we were going to RV shows one or two folks mentioned something about storing the portable hose inside the swing-arm. HMMM. Ok, so we will just run the portable hose through the swing-arm and attach that to the fixed drain - then there won't be a leak problem at all....voila! So far that is the extent of our "problems". We feel very lucky so far....HOWEVER...we have not taken the rig out on it's maiden voyage yet. We expect that to be a group camping trip the week after Memorial Day.

We also got our DishTV installed and running. We purchased the Winegard Satellite system and then ended up with the dish and tripod that came with the service... One more thing off the list of to-do's.

The wind has been howling more days than not and we are so glad that the rig is inside the station when we are trying to figure out all the things I've mentioned. There were also one or two very warm days and we were very pleased that the rig was nice and cool. We only have 20 amp electric right now so there is no way we can run the microwave or air conditioner. We are hoping to be able to add a 30amp service to the panel in the station.

The views out our windows aren't exactly "scenic",(except to fireman Rick) but we can pretend the wind isn't blowing....I guess we can pretend that the fire trucks are a spectacular view also. So now we have 7 days to vacate the home and have it ready for the buyers. We've had several things malfunction. The last thing to quit was one of the garage doors. It got fixed today and we are crossing our fingers that we have nothing else fail.

We got a larger storage unit that will accommodate our four wheeler and trailer, so this week will be moving things from the house and old unit to the new one and moving everything else to charitable agencies. All of the furnishings that folks have purchased will be moved by the buyers.

We are ALMOST REAL full-timers!

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