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The cabaƱa where we were forced to spend a lot of our...

After another hair-raising journey in a huge early 70s American saloon car (complete with suede dashboard, 5 litre engine and patented "Comfortron" air-conditioning system) we arrived at our second beach location, Playa Medina on the Paria Peninsular of Venezuela's north-east coast.

Very picture postcard tropical beach, white sand fringed with many palm trees etc. etc. however we rapidly discovered that after sun-down (6pm) not much could be said about the famous Venezuelan party spirit.

The beach was quite isolated and although very busy during the day, there was a mass exodus on large open-backed trucks at sunset.

We were also disappointed to discover that our hotel (the only one one the beach) was run by 4 grumpy Venezuelan blokes who were decidedly unfriendly and unwelcoming, insisting on serving us dinner at 7pm (the earliest we have ever eaten dinner in South America) and then turning all the lights out at 8pm, giving us a strong hint that retiring to our cabin would be infinitely preferable to them providing further hospitality in their beautiful beachside bar.

Therefore much reading, card playing and aimless hammock swinging is all we have to report.

Our tranquil world is about to change however, as we are about to plunge into the unknown depths of the southern Venezuela, on a canoe trip to Angel Falls.

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