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Great Basin NP in distance

Hiking with the lion

The Lion

Lehman cave

Today's big decision was to choose between potentially meeting our end by being attacked by a mountain lion, but at least knowing we went out while doing something we loved - or, for sure living longer but potentially ending up in a nursing home. Sooooo .... we chose the hike and actually saw the mountain lion prints and scat - but thank goodness - not the lion. Was a really pretty uphill hike with sporatic snow drifts through a canyon in the Great Basin.

The Great Basin encompasses much of the southwest and basically drains internally. None of the rain goes out to the seas. The National Park, designated in 1986 - is a small area in the NE of NV. You drive through miles of desolate, scrubby, dry, sandy Nevada and come upon a beautiful snow capped mountain range which is the park.

A special activity in Gr. Basin is touring the Lehman caves. Was pretty neat and pretty clostrophobic - but you just had to think about something other than what you were doing. The caves are famous for some special formations as well as the usual stalagtites and stalagmites, popcorn, soda straws, draperies, shields, bats and cave mites. Above is one typical site.

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