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Exit Glacier

Hiking on the glacier

On the glacier

A crevasse

A black bear

Kenai river

The Exit Glacier lay at the entrance of the Kenai Fjords National Park. The idea of hiking over the glacier was too tempting, and we found a local guide for that. The guide turned out to be a Boston guy, who had apparently come up to Alaska chasing a 'squirrel'.

Along with 4 others, we hiked up the Harding Icefield trail, and took a detour after a mile or so on to the glacier. Walking on ice with crampons, you get much more grip than expected. Apparently, snow on ice is dangerous, since it gives you a false sense of security, while you could be walking into a crevasse. There were a few crevasses, into which if you fall, you would only be found a few hundred years later as a fossil(?). So, we could not explore the glacier on our own, but followed the guide's tracks. The deeper the ice the bluer it got. The whole surrounding was unreal. On our way back, we spotted a black bear. And, it looked tiny when compared to a Grizzly.

Later in the day, we drove around the peninsula, trying to spot salmon. This was the salmon spawning season, when the salmon swim upstream. But we were a few days early and could not see that. Exploring further, we reached the the turquoise blue Kenai lake and then the Kenai river. The water was opaque blue, as in paintings. We hung around for a while, watching fishermen feeding seagulls. The rain had subsided by now, and we were set for a good night's rest.

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