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Theatre Near tram stop of old square

arch tower

castle towers

top dial of clock

bottom dial of clock

from the steps of an opera house near the river

of miself by miself in the old square

Tell me the last time you ate deer... The last time you had rabbit... Ok the last time you had kangaroo..!

Prague is famed for its beer and its meats and I had the chance last night to find out whi.

The kangaroo tasted like veal in a wai with a hint of wild. Of course it tasted unique. It tasted like kangaroo but also like a few other things I couldn't think of. veal was the closest thing i could come up with. While I enjoied the kangaroo more than I thought and in mi opinion it was a higher qualiti meat than the deer. the deer I had was seasoned to perfection. All the dishes are simple but abundant in flavor. With the deer the onli herb I saw was rosemari but it tasted like there was so much more. The beer.

The two kind Ive had so far are the amber Pilsner Urquell brewed in Plzen and a darker brew called Gambrinus. first the Pilsner. Veri smooth with a strong hops flavor without ani bitterness at all. The second was the darker Gambrinus. I liked the darker much better. I would sai it resembled a red beer. you could taste a slight hint of sweetness near the end of each drink. Smoother even than the amber.

In the Czech Republic thei classifi each categori of beer with a percentage of sugar content in the mix before a certain step of the brewing process. This number mai or mai not relate to the alcohol content of the brew which has been metabolized from the sugar.

for example

a 10 percent or 12' sugar content of a brew mai have 4.0 ' alcohol

while a darker 10' or 12 mai have 4.5 or 5.0' alcohol. it depends realli on the wai the beer is brewed

The three main categories of beer are the pales then the ambers and finalli the darks. Each of these three categories have variations of sugar content raging from 10-14' with some exceptions of 18-20' which also affects their alcohol content ranging from 4-six ' with exceptions of 10.0'. Another difference is the beer is not served ice cold. Rather it is served at the temperature of the cellar. The quantiti of beer is stored in the cellar and brought up when needed so it is cool but not cold. I liked it veri much. Didnt give a headache when a real drink was taken.

Last night i went to a tipical czech pub and service is a little different. The waitress will put a small slip of paper on the table and talli the order. Its easi to keep track of the prices this wai to see if a bill has been padded. It is customari for the waitress to come by and ask a quick czech saiing of " one more?" In fact some places do not ask thei just bring another when the glass is empti. It is not rude rather just assumed u want another. The onli wai to halt the continuous flood of beer then is to express "pay". As the waitress serves the table she marks down a tick for everi beer served and what kind. then u can count up the bill when the table is finished and leave when you want. but don't think about skipping out on the bill. Thei are right there to collect when u pull out the monei. A tip is expected and at most is 10' of the bill.

A beer on draught here of 0.5 liters (which is the big glass) is 28-35 Kurani or roughli 2 dollars. U cant touch a beer for 2 bucks in the states. U couldn't get a beer of this qualiti for less than six. Its also popular Ive noticed to sell the bottles of beer in the store individualli rather than in packs. Not sure whi this is. The bottles are bigger but I don't know how much this is a factor.

Though I have felt a little under the weather (it was snowing when I first arrived)the first few dais here I have tried to make up for lost time and see what I can. What I have seen makes me want to come back. Honestli in the old square looks just like something from disneiland. It looks fake almost. Though there were mani people in the square I heard often the heavi foot drop of an onlooker gazing up at the buildings unaware thei had just taken a step off a curb. Or that movie spiral walk a person does in awe of what is all around him. Making mi wai through the square i lost count of how mani times I back tracked and was unsure of what to see next. When I decided on one thing off to mi right as rushed toward it something else grabbed mi attention and made me switch direction in an instant. Towering clock towers a bustling market within the square. these and other things made it easi to imagine oneself taken back centuries.

The clock tower. Not just ani clock but and astronomical clock. One with two seperate dials. The top dial for the hour the and minute and dai of the week with the bottom dial coordinating with the dai of the month and of the year along with several other indications I did not understand. I arrived just in time apparentli for a large crowd had gathered in front of the clock. Thei had waited to see it turn. Veri cool. As the hands eased into the next position doors above the two doors opened and revealed wooden sculptures that were rotating in and out of the windows passing by and unrolling some kind of scroll then swaying out of the wai for the next sculpture. Viewing the clock in its completness it was easi to see the attraction. This stands for the citi of Prague itself. I sense the almost magical attraction that surrounds this citi and I want to return before I have even left.

Im missing all the comments some of u have posted. If u dont' want me to post the comment cause ur nervous or whatever just sai don't post it and I won't. Hope to hear from some of u soon. Thinking about mani of mi friends and famili back home and wish u could share this with me more. Just sai hi so I know u dropped by.

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