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Us on the swings at the bar


After surviving the crossing of the borders again and Belize, we were ready for some more beach weather and relaxing....We arrived into Tulum late at night. With no accomodation booked, we were a bit worried... but jumped into a taxi and after a couple of trys we stumbled across Papaya Playa...very cool cabanas on the beach, and open shared showers, but the little open cabanas with mosquito netted beds were just so nice...lucky we remembered to bring a torch as electricity is turned off right on 11pm, so if you are not in bed by then, good luck.

It had an awesome bar by the beach with swings at the bar, so we could enjoy our daily beer at 11am that we were getting so used to.

Waking up the first morning to the sound of the beach, we decided to relax on the beautiful white sand for the morning and then explored the town centre in the afternoon. It is a fairly small town about 5 mins from the beach area and is still very laid back. There are some ruins near the beach, however, We were feeling a little over ruins for the moment so decided instead to book in for some snorkerling for the next day at the cenotes.

The cenotes are basically, unbelievable underground caves which extend for miles in Tulum, as we had not finished our scuba course we were only allowed to snorkle, which was still fantastic, although a little scary at times as there is sometimes not much room between the roof and the water when you come up. There are submerged stalagmits and stalagites everywhere making up the cave and we also went into the bat cave, which has of course heaps of tiny bats.

We loved Tulum as it was still that relaxed beach town... Playa De Carmen will perhaps be more touristy. But looking forward to heading there.

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