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So this is going to be a very short post since nothing to terribly interesting has happened since we last talked... OWW Except for Shawana badly spraining her left ankle. No this is not a joke, she was comming down from breakfast and landed on her ankle off the stairs wrong and down she went. Did anyone help?? Did the service staff that saw it happen come to help?? Did any of the Europeans that came down the stairs afterwards and saw her crying help?? OF COURSE NOT!!!! Why would they do a silly thing like that. They just walked by and then the staff had the balls to ask what happened when the front desk is in plain view of where it happened. So much for a relaxing last day in Ao Nang... Well, I piggybacked her back to the room and finished getting packed and then headed off the airport.

Ah the airport, well at first site it looks like a normal ariport until you get in it and you realize that it is the den of Satan himself. So we get to the desk and sign in for our flight, Shawana is riding the baggage claim thing and has a wrapped ankle. We proceed to be 12 kilos over our 30 kilo limit and have to pay the equivilant of one of our fares in extra baggage fees. (50 pounds is 22.5 kilos so if you have two bags at 50 pounds you are screwed.) So after paying for another plane ticket we go through security. We can not bring our luggage carrier that she is using as a wheelchair through so I ask for a wheelchair. I get a shitty look and told that they don't have wheelchairs we have to get one through China Air. So annoyed I go back outside and go bakc to the desk to get a wheelchair. And what did I find?!!? The CHARGE FOR A WHEELCHAIR!!! How absolutley retardedly thrid world is that?!?!!? I was livid, I scared the shit out of the guy behind the counter and then the same to the man behind the other counter where I had to go pay. So I get a wheelchair and get back to Shawana and another lady comes up with a piece of paper that she needs to sign to release Asia Air of all of they liability behind her if while moving around she gets injured again.

So after signing this bullshit piece of paper, she asks us if we will need a wheelchair at the other end.... Does this strike anyone else as odd?? I wanted to respond with 'No miss, I beleive the 1 hour and 15 minute flight will be enough to cure her and we will be able to skip from the plane together off into the sunset.' YES WE WILL NEED A WHEELCHAIR ON THE OTHER END!!!! (Also if you remember the time we took the plane down we didn't get into the terminal but we had to take a bus and such so no way is she walking) She proceeds to tell me that we will have to PAY AGAIN at Bangkok International for a different wheelchair...





Who has the nuts to charge for a wheelchair???!?!

Who has BIGGER nuts to charge TWICE!!!!?!?!

So after the meltdown we tried to get on the plane and of course since she is in the rental (wheelchair) we want to bored first. Well everyone is pushing and shoving and everythigng else to get on board first, Shawana almost gets her foot kicked twice by this lady who has a huge bag of fruit as her carry on.

But once we got the airport, we got a private shuttle ride back to the terminal, a nice man wheeled us around to our luggage and then after a short attempt to change our flight to that day, we came to the hotel and only left yesterday to get her crutches. So that is the story as it has unfolded skipping alot because this internet is more expensive than the one in Ton Sai. We are leaving for the airport early tommorow morning and will be back in town early friday morning... Will update so you all know were well and be calling you all soon!!!

Paul and Shawana

P.S. I have calmed down because the hotel staff has been really nice and we got a honeymoon cake!! :)

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