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Bottomless Lake State Park

Bottomless Lake State Park

Bottomless Lake State Park



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UFO Museum Roswell

UFO Museum Roswell

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Latest Dig for Crash Remnants

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Autopsy Scene

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My Campsite (Coincidence?)

Photo of Little 'A Le' Inn

Lots of Cartoons on display

Roswell was a big star on our map - looking for space aliens and UFO's. We left Alamogordo and drove through the Sacramento Mountains - this is Apache territory, and we tried to stop at their Inn of the Mountain Gods Casino. Not to be as they had no rv parking - Apaches are still not friendly. We camped outside of Roswell at Bottomless Lakes State Park. The lakes are actually sink holes that have filled with water. GPS proved not too reliable again in finding the park, but we all finally got settled in. It was a wonderful park facility, the lakes and cliffs nearby were beautiful, and we like to froze there with a low of 22 Degrees on Thursday morning! Water hoses and pumps were frozen.

Visited the UFO Museum and Research Center, which collects and documents information from all over the world. The main feature is "The Roswell Incident" the flying saucer crash just outside Roswell in 1947. Was it a weather balloon or a flying saucer? Were there little space alien bodies in the crash or were they military test dummies? What happened to the "evidence" gathered by the Army and others? Do you trust your government? We don't know!

Also visited Roswell Museum and Art Center - a beautiful new facility. Exhibits include Goddard's rocket workshop equipment, lots of Indian artifacts, many paintings, western sculpture, quilts and fiber art - all donated by local citizens. Dinner out for the whole crew at the Rib Crib barbeque restaurant concluded another great day.

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