Nova Scotia Fall 2007 travel blog

The next morning we visited the dunes again

This spot opens up to the ocean

The sand on PEI is red

There is a lot of farming on PEi

Much of the landscape reminds us of upstate New York

Before leaving PEI and going into New Brunswick, we stopped at "Cow's"

Besides the best ice cream in Canada, they sell parody T shirts...

. . . like this one

Which flavor to get?

Double the fun

The Confederation Bridge to New Brunswick

Tom concentrates on driving as we cross the bridge

Monday, Oct. 8 (Canadian Thanksgiving)

On Monday we drove off the island on the 8-mile long Confederation Bridge, known locally as "the fixed link" - AND we stocked up on Cow's ice cream before crossing into New Brunswick. Now we explored some of the Norfthumberland shore of New Brunswick, including a lunch stop at Murray Beach Provincial Park. The water is warmed by the Gulf Stream and Gulf of St. Lawrence waters, so it it not bone-chilling as it is on the Atlantic Coast. Now we had access to a good freeway, and drove across New Brunswick to the capital of Fredrericton for the night in yet another campground, that was shutting down for the season, right on the Saint John River.

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