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This is my 5th attempt at writing this part of the trip so I am quite frustrated. The photos have been a real pain in the butt and I've given up for the time being.

As you may have noticed the dates are not aligned with the actual trip. We seem to have very little down time and it's been difficult to keep up the journal at the same time as doing all the exploring and travelling. I'm hoping to catch up at some point but nevertheless here's what happened in Charleston:

As you already know our arrival in Charleston was late and so we started our adventures the following day. We headed to downtown historic Charleston and spent some time driving around the town before agreeing to take a carriage tour around the city. Charleston has a colourful history and is very interesting. Our carriage ride was a little dissapointing. The horse had bowel movements, the guide was interesting but barely audible over the constant translating of a spanish couple in front of us and it was extremely hot which made the kids irritable which inevitably leads to them bickering this time over the last drops of water in the bottle. Having said that we did hear snippets of interesting stuff about the homes in Charleston and a little history.

It was quite late by the time we finished off with the ride and so we decided to have dinner at a restaurant we had seen on the way to the carriage called Bubb Gump Shrimp Company. We Roberts' love the movie Forrest Gump and this restaurant is themed around the movie and even has costumes used during the movie on display, photographs, table tennis bats for menus and of course several of Forrest Gumps sayings up on display. It was a lovely palce to have lunch despite our surly waitress and being extrodinarily expensive(Trev looked a bit pale when the bill arrived). We laughed a lot, repeated bits from the movie that we like and tested each others Forest Gump knowlege. Having spent all our money we decided to pick up some movies and head for home.

The movies were not just for idle, mindless entertainment. A lot of the history of Charleston starts with the Revolutionary War otherwise known as the War of Independence (1776). We wanted the kids to watch The Patriot which is about that war and a wonderful story about patriotism. It does make the Brits look a tad blood-thirsty but someone has to be the baddy. We also decided to get Top Gun a movie shot on board an aircraft carrier that is stationed in the Charleston harbour and that we would see later in the week.

The kids loved the movie but we discovered that it was unusually hot during the movie. The air conditioner did not seem to be doing it's thing. The next morning we took the RV in to check our the AC and discovered that not only was the AC dead but that it would take several days before they could get the new one and install it. Horrible news when it's almost 100 degrees outside. Trev tried managed to rush everyone into getting the parts asap. The said we should have it by the Friday, 3 days away. In the meantime we decided to bite the bullet and enjoy ourselves anyway. We went shopping for fans and he next day we headed to a water park. The day after that we visited the USS Yorktown, the air carft carrier I mentioned earlier, as well as a submarine. Both were very interesting but unfortunately it was still very hot, despite it being early evening, and that limited our time there. We also went on a Ghost Boat Ride the one evening which was lot of fun. Our story teller was very funnny.

The parts arrived on Friday and by that time we were ready to move on from Charleston. Charleston is, overall, worth a visit as it's rich in history, beautiful to look at and has a lot to offer for entertainment. Being a big tourist destination it is expensive and we were ready for some cheap fun like Myrtle Beach. Or so you would think.

Trev's idea of not booking anything is still in place and so we were only a few minutes away when we discovered that our campsite would cost us $60. That's double what we paid at the previous spot. We decided to go anyway and take it one day at a time.

Myrtle Beach is not my kind of place. It would have been if i was in my 20's, single and had stacks of cash. It's vegas for a beach bum. If you love the beach, then you'll love Myrtle Beach. If you want to party hard, this is your spot. I don't love the beach and i hate crowds. Myrtle Beach has both plus hundreds of mini-golf/putt-putt courses, theme parks, water parks and beach shops. Everything is big, bold and loud. Nothing compared to the warm charm of Savannah or the grand sophistication of Charleston. Trev and I agreed, quietly to eachother because the kids thought they had arrived in heaven, that we would hit the road the next day. We would head for the still beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

But first we would indulge the kids , okay and myself, and go to a medieval dinner and show where there would be real jousting and sword fighting.

I couldn't believe how excited i was about the show and it was warranted. The kids had a ball shouting for their knight to win the duel, the horses were beautiful, the costumes colorful and the food acceptable. Our Knight even threw a carnation to Shannon who scrambled for it like Dash after a bouncy ball. Great fun!

We left the next morning and headed to the north-western corner of South Carolina

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