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Playing cards at the hostel in Bagara

The living room of our "hostel"

The kitchen in our "hostel"

Our hut in Bagara

Huts in Bagara

This wasn't the most eventful day, but it was a lot of fun. On the way to Bagara on Wednesday morning, our first stop on the Oz bus was at a small zoo where we finally saw dingos (they look basically like dogs) and had a lunch arranged for us at this roadside diner with amazing food. The most recommended dish was the fish, which was delicious, but I had to get the steak which was fantastic as well. Around 6 PM we arrived in Bagara, a seaside town, and we were in for a treat. Our hostel consisted of a resort with these 6-person huts that had a bedroom, living room with 2 futons, loft with 3 beds, and a full kitchen stocked with dishes and a bathroom. It was by far the nicest place we had stayed. Plus the grounds had a pool, sauna, tennis courts, and it was beautiful. The tragedy of it all was that we got there in the evening and had to leave at around 8 the next morning. We all would have liked to stay there for at least a couple of days if there had been time.

After a good BBQ dinner, a few of us played cards and drank VB on our little porch. The porch faced a kind of foresty area, and after a while we realized something was moving in the trees. A little creature appeared (we later decided it was a possum) and began descending the branches. We weren't sure what kind of animal it was because it had a face kind of like a kangaroo, and it was the size of a cat. Eventually it came all the way down the tree and onto the porch, at which point we jumped up and screamed and ran inside the hut. But we had left our beers on the porch, so we would carefully run out and grab them. The creature crawled around the porch for a while as we stared at it and took pictures. The other 2 people staying with us were a couple, and when they arrived we shrieked at them to get inside and not let the possum in. 2Oas all pretty funny. We ended up finishing the card games inside.

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