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Lucy sends a parcel back to the UK. A parcel wallah wraps...

Lucy writes on the address.

The parcel is given a wax seal.

And this is the post office in Mumbai.

The right train station this time!

Street cooking of pompadoms

How pleased am I with our super luxury bus. Home for the...

Shanty housing in Mumbai

Bamboo scaffholding. How does it hold anything up?

More of the above.

Lucy's artistic photos of the slums.

A welcome cup of Chai in a rickshaw after our 36hr journey...

The view from our hotel makes the whole journey worth while. All...

Another view accross Lake Pichola from our hotel in Udaipur.

Jagmandir Island in Lake Pichola.

Janiwas Island in Lake Pichola. This was previously a palace but is...

Relaxing in Sunset Point Garden.

A Camel!

Spice seller.

Vegtable market in Udaipur

Vegtable market in Udaipur

Attempts from the Indian Goverment to control the crazy multi-lane driving. Which...

Moti Magri

Nehru Park a garden Island in the middle of Fateh Sagar Lake....

Indian people kept asking to have photos of us, so we made...

In Nehru Park

Me in a Sahri. The rickshaw driver took us to the store...

Indian Lucy

Saheliyon-ki-bari. Garden with fountains powered naturally.

More fountains....

..another one..

.. and another.

Burial ground of the kings with over 300 tombs in it.

Carvings of gods in the marble.

It's really quiet and eary in here.

One of the bigger tombs.

The hotel roof has little Chipmonks living there. I can't stop watching...

They're as cheeky as the cows in Goa but much cuter.

That's my dinner! Ok thats enough photos of Chipmonks.

Inside the city palace.

Lucy in the 'portable Tiger cage'.

There are paintings like these all over the Palace walls.

The City Palace

Shoe shopping in Udaipur

We caused chaos in the bangle shop.

Part of the town.

The most amazing sunset from the roof of our hostel.

And again.

And again!

Our hostel as seen from the lake.

Washing clothes in the lake.

Washing in the lake!

Palace from the lake.

Floating dinner table!

Random hotel from the lake and the Monsoon Palace in the distance.

On Jagmandir Island.

On Jagmandir Island.

Watching the sun go down from Monsoon Palace

View of Udaipur from the Monsoon Palace

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

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A parcel wallah sewing Lucy's package

(MP4 - 1.14 MB)

This is the view from our hostel at sunset

(MP4 - 2.24 MB)

View from our hostel of the lake


We finally made it up to Rajasthan after 12hrs on the train, 4 hrs back in the crazy place that is Mumbai and 16 hrs on a bus!

The journey itself was quite eventful. On the train we shared a section with an Indian family. They were as rude and impatient as the people I had seen on the plane from Dubai and didn't endear us to the Indian people. They ate curry etc on the train using their hands which was a noisy and messy affair.

When we got to Mumbai we were both starving especially as I hadn't eaten anything in the last 24hrs and it had been days since anything had stayed in my stomach (there's a nice thought for you!) We went to the only place we could find open at 8am and were delighted to see all the cockroaches running around after we'd ordered. Needless to say we didn't eat much of the food.

For the trip to Udaipur we booked a luxury air conditioned sleeper bus. I have to say even after two weeks in India my estimation of luxury was way above the dirty little box we had and the air conditioning was a total lie. Despite this and the extreme bumpiness we had a lot of fun on the bus. We were able to shut ourselves away in our little bit, the rest of the bus was Indian men who stared lots and didn't speak English, and watch India. We saw lots of amazing things including the slums, farmers working fields, the heavy handed police hitting a truck driver and a Rickshaw stuffed full of about 12 little school boys.

The view from the hotel when we arrived at 6am made it all worth while. We have a brilliant view of the lake and the City Palace. And we are paying just 63p each a night for a private room.

We've been very busy since we got here seeing all the sights (which I wont list because you can see the photos) and buying lots of things! We spent most of yesterday shopping and bought rings, bangles, shoes, shawls and clothes all for just 12 pounds. Another fantastic thing here is the food, I'm in curry heaven. The curries here taste delicious a million times better than Goa and it is all so cheap.

The people here are much nicer far less hassling than in Goa. I think the only downside here is I'm noticing the beggars more. The old and disabled people are hard enough to see but all the tiny children are really starting to grind me down. It's sad to see babies and small children and know life isn't going to get any easier for them.

Actually there is another downside to Udaipur it's absolutely freezing at night here! In the day it's about 25 degrees and at night it drops to about 10 degrees but it seems to feel a lot colder. Although thanks to a bit of whisky we were able to stay out last night playing dominos with other backpackers and watching the stars.

Udaipur is amazing and exactly what I came to India to see, I can't wait to see the rest of Rajasthan.

Hope to hear from you all soon,



P.S We are having a go at putting movies on the website. As far as I can tell you need to select a place to down load it to and then view it from there. Please can you let me know if this works ok, or takes too long to down load.

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