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Fishing trip on the Suriname River

Early Morning on the river fishing

Water Snake

Fisherman Ethan


Local Fisherman taking jelly fish out of their catch of shrimp

Fisherwomen Sisley

Birds on a Wire



Papa set up a great fishing experience for us one day. We got up early one morning and headed to the Suriname River where we met his freind, Roy. Papa had hired a boat and man to take us fishing. The boats are very colourful and was a pretty picture at the river. We sailed out to an area where locals fish with nets to catch shrimp. It is a good area to fish because alot of fish go there for the shrimps as well. The weather was not that great, and at first we did not catch too much. Maybe the weather. While we were in the boat for shelter from the rain, we saw birds sitting on a wire. It was a good photo op.

Once the rain stopped a local fisherman shared some of his shrimp with us, which is what we used for bait. we saw him scooping out several jellyfish out of his catch. we managed to catch snook and catfish. Altogether not a bad day's catch. We had a great day. On the ride back we saw many dolphins. The Suriname River meets the ocean so it is not unusual to see them.

We also saw a large water snake swimming along the river. We followed him til he slithered to land.

We had a great day!! Thanks Papa.

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