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We took a '3 island cruise' that took up the whole day. Very well organised and worth the $90 Euros each. Mum hadn't felt well as she seemed to be still suffering from last nights meal so the rocking of the boat wasn't great. The bathrooms not the best either as you had to not flush the used toilet paper but put it into a side bin. GROSS.

The islands, Aegina, Poros and Hydra all kind of looked the same but it was a really good way to get a quick taste of the islands of the area.

Mum was more tired by the end of the day than I thought. She layed down on her bed when we got back to the hostel and promptly fell asleep. The double glass doors protects us from the street noise but nothing was going to protect me from her snoring. At least after about an hour she stirred enough to roll over. She hadn't even the energy before she feel asleep to get changed, she fell asleep fully clothed. Should have gotten the video camera out but I feared the consequences.

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