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A different sort of drive in...

So, on May 17 we went to Sapporo rather briefly. In the morning we visited the only truly worthwhile place there, the Sapporo Beer Museum, factory and restaurant. Although not in English, the posters of Sapporo advertising over the 150 year history of the beer was pretty awesome. We went to the nearby Sapporo Garden Grill for some tasty eats, then hit the eki for our long, slow trip south.

This doesn`t happen too often, but our train to Hakodate actually had a problem resulting in a major delay that caused us to miss our next train. There was a stone on the track but we didn`t find that out until Aron and I had exhausted our imaginations wondering what sort of and destruction happened in the front of the train and I finally asked the guy behind us. Boring. Anyway, we got stuck in Hakodate, it was utterly dull and we didn`t get to Hachinohe until 10pm.

The town was impressively dead. We were hoping to find a love hotel easily but after wandering around for 20 minutes, we gave up and hailed a cab. Our cab driver took us to the middle of nowhere to the Elegance Hotel Glass Chateau. Aron points out I am underplaying this- we sort of thought we might be either kidnapped or stranded our cabbie was taking us so far away. I was sure he failed to understand my request. The whole thing was crazy.  Then the love hotel was a drive up kind with these privatized garages you park in. Our cabbie thankfully agreed to return and pick us up the next morning and bid us farewell. Being sentimental, we selected Room 25 (our anniversary date).  The next 20 minutes were agonizing.  I could NOT figure out how to pay. I wanted to pee like gangbusters but was afraid they would call or knock while only Aron was available.  Finally, they called.  I couldn`t figure out what they wanted. 20 minutes later two women showed up in our little privacy window and after another 20 minutes of my desparate use of the Japanese dictionary, I understood that people who show up without a car need to leave a deposit.  I guess with a car they can hold you hostage but the carless could escape without paying. Who knows.

We were so happy to figure everything out we jumped on the bed while singing duet karaoke (I`ve had the time of my life, no less).  Good times!!  And the bathroom shower floor was heated. Rad.


Japanese porn is just AWFUL. One is sort of forced to watch Japanese porn if they are staying at pretty much any type of hotel with TV as porn is pretty much a beloved aspect of life here (hello, they have love hotels all over the country). Anyway, if anyone wants to come out to Japan and make it big depicting women on film who enjoy sex, this is a lucrative market. Another interesting facet of the love hotel world- the condoms are all made by local sources.  Our guidebook recommends bringing your own.

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