Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

On the pier

Presque Isle

Deer, look closely


Commadore Perry Monument

Light house

Two swell guys

Lunch spot


Great sign

Jim, Debby and moi

D & J mid bite

BF'ers just hangin' around

Bike path

Jeanne the leader

Nice scenery

Shirley resting

Tour boat


After Perkins breakfast we headed north west to Erie PA, our goal was to ride our bikes in Presque Isle State Park. Alas, when we arrived it was raining with a forecast for rain all day. Since this is a stop Don and Jeanne thought we would like we decided to drive though it. The park is right on the water and it certainly is beautiful. Almost as if it was on Que Don got a call from fellow BF'ers Jim and Deb who said they were on their way heading toward Wisconsin and were about 45 minutes from Erie. That was lunch time so we went to this neat burger joint just a tick outside the park and had a little warm up to the week ahead of all of us. As we were waiving good-by to the travelling Philippones and the sun came out! Jeanne checked the weather map on her smart phone and the rain moved north so off on our bikes we went. 13.1 miles on a beautiful flat multi-use trail. We decided to get a few more miles under our belts and made it past Cleveland and settled into a suites hotel with an exercise room, pool and hot tub AND free breakfast. The hotel even gave us coupons for a dinner place we could walk to. Another great day! Enjoy the pics.

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