Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

We all went to breakfast

Paula, Leona and Shirley paint a statue for Connie's grave

Dale and Dee on the deck

The fininshed product

How we all miss Connie

Area farm

Catchin' a few rays

And BINGO was his name OH

Oh come on! How can WE say we are going on vacation? Well, today is the start of our trip to Wisconsin for the annual BF'er Banquet, a get together with our best college buddies. We've been doing this in some form or other for over 40 years. But there were preparations and last minute things to do. First we bid Uncle Bob and Aunt Pat farewell as 9 of us went to breakfast at the Wellsburg Diner. We took our camper to dump our sewage in Elmira right where the tornado hit last week. Still trees on houses. Then I did laundry while Shirley and her sisters went to pay their respects at sister Connie's grave in Elmira. Later, Shirley and Aunt Leona went to play bingo with Aunts Charlotte and Lillian. There were no winnings for our family. Now we are getting the camper around to put it on the big honkin' dually for a 15 day rest while we are gone and packing. It will take us 5 days to get to Lake Geneva as we plan on doing some sight seeing along the way. Don and Jeanne are picking us up later this morning. Oh yes, today is our 17th month trip anniversary (and they said it wouldn't last). Enjoy the pics.

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