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The start of our adventure

Airing down our tires to 20 lbs pressure

Worm eaten wood

A view of my love and also from Shafer's Trail on the...

Bike rides out ahead of us

Heading towards the White Rim Trail

White Rim Trail for the next 100 miles or so



Hikers & Bicyclist on the trail


Use your imagination on this one, I'm thinking dog

One of the many washes coming off the walls



Walls eroding

A vast and chaotic environment


Beautiful views ahead

Big swirling water areas

Taking a break for lunch at the campground

Airport, the first campground on the trail

Islands in the Sky

Interesting formations at this stop

Sometimes the road was very close to the edge

Moving along

The road just goes on and on...

More Islands in the Sky

Our first nights campsite

Enjoying dinner

Vibrant sunrise

Bill & Joyce enjoying the unfolding morning sunrise

The view from our tent


Our view of Gooseberry Campground

Checking out the long crack in the rocks

Evidence of water running into the canyon by the campground

We had a visitor

Water pools on the White Rim

Look closely and you can see Len in his green shirt


Crumbling White Rim

White Rim


We've been planning this White Rim Trail adventure with Bill, Sharon and Joyce for about a year now, and it was now time to do it. We had our campsite reservations, full tanks of gas plus 5 gallons each extra, and we headed down into the wilderness for a two night and 3 day fun time. What we found was a vast, chaotic, exotic and beautiful place which exceeded all of our expectations. The first day was somewhat more than we had expected, but day two far exceeded all of our expectations. WOW!! We have found that the pictures don't really show the vastness and depth of the canyons that we saw. You'll just have to trust us on that one.

The road was all over the place, but definitely required a high clearance 4 X 4 vehicle. Some of it was deep sand, some very steep with tight switch backs, some quite rough, and some smooth enough to go 20 mph. Very dusty, especially in the sandy areas. The Ranger has never been as dusty and dirty as it was after this 3 days. We saw more motorcyclists and bicyclists than cars during our 3 days, but mostly it felt very remote, isolated and quiet.

Wind became a big factor for us. Both days just before sunset big bursts of wind came up our of nowhere. The first night it flipped over and ruined our EZ-Up, and the 2nd night it flipped over our tent as we were setting it up and broke one of the main aluminum poles that holds the tent up, which meant that we had no tent for that night. At the time that this happened it looked very much like we would get rained on so Nancy and I thought we might have to sleep in the Ranger which was not very appealing. It did, however, clear up and we spent most of the night under the stars which was a great experience. Another big blow came up during the night that lasted for quite a while. All's well that ends well, however. We'll have to find a new pole for the tent, and maybe get another EZ-Up. It's pretty flimsy and we may not replace it.

Stay tuned. More to come....

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