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Last night we went down to the Town Square for one final...

Our first view of Mellon's Country Store...

Not quite sure what this is parked out front, but Larry thought...

How cool is this?

My honey, sittin' for a spell...

This is a cool store!

Good music...

I don't see Nashville on this list, lol!

Crossing the White River on a drive after our visit to Mellon's....

Back home, Janice & jeanette hard at work on their lap blankets,...

A quick stop at the Jimmy Driftwood Barn this afternoon, we'll be...

Glad we're here tonight...

Peggy, Jimmy & Ron, great pickers!

Nellie, the current owner, what a nice gal!

John Taylor & his guys came down after closing their show this...

Jimmy Driftwood pic from the 'good ole days'!

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John Taylor & friends, great fiddler!

A final post today on Mountain View, as it's time to move on. We are going to miss all of the wonderful music and activities here for sure. And, a whole group of new friends. Our 8 days flew by so quickly, next time here we'll definitely have to book longer. If you get in this area, we highly recommend Fiddler's Valley Rv Resort. As mentioned earlier, owner's Bob (Punjo) & Lucy Reed are terrific folks and work very hard to make their guests stay a special one. We thoroughly enjoyed all of the activities, Sunday worship service & music at the park. Afternoons on the 'pickin' porch' were a neat time & gave us a chance to meet some really nice folks.

In the last post I mentioned that Larry had won a drawing at the Cobb Brother's Show. A moonpie & RC cola to be exact from Mellon's Country Store, located on the north side of Mountain View along Highway 5, not far from the Ozark Folk Center. Their slogan is "3 miles ahead, 50 years behind". Oh my, how true!!!

They specialize in a wide variety of merchandise from times gone by. Like:

Arkansas Jam, Jellies, Sorghum and Honey

Old Fashion Hard Candy


McCoy Knives

Homemade Lye Soap

Tin Advertising Signs

Ice Cold RC Cola & Moon Pies

A large selection of blown glass made in Arkansas

Musical Instruments & Supplies

Antiques on display and for sale

Coca-Cola Collectibles

Hand-made Wooden Toys

Ice Cold Soda and Moon Pies

Gourds and Gourd Seed

Hot Roasted & Boiled Peanuts

Too cool! We weren't there long when four young musicians arrived to entertain the customers. They were very good, like most all of the folks we've heard while here.

Later that evening we attended a show at the Jimmy Driftwood Barn. Jimmie had the barn built to have a place to perform, which he did regularly for free.

'We fired our guns and the British kept a coming

There wasn't nigh as many as there was a while ago.

We fired once more and they began to running

Down the Mississippi to the Gulf of Mexico!'

Yep, Jimmie Driftwood wrote The Battle of New Orleans. You know, "In 18 and 14 we took a little trip..." Johnny Horton recorded the song and scored a big hit with it in 1960. But you may not know that Jimmie (James Corbett Morris) wrote nearly 6,000 folk songs. 300 of them were recorded or published by such stars as Eddy Albert and Johnny Cash. The former school teacher also won several Grammies and helped save the Buffalo River in Arkansas from being dammed.

Jimmie, also known as Jimmy after he left RCA, was born in Mountain View, Arkansas in 1907. He made Arkansas his home for most of his 91 years, spending most of his later years in nearby Timbo. He died of a heart attack on July 12th, 1998.

He originally started setting his poems to music as a way to teach history to his students. His voice and music were very simple and charming. His songs dealt with courtin', life in the Ozarks, the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, American folklore and even Sea Shanties! The music was usually a guitar (Chet Atkins played guitar on The Battle of New Orleans album) accompanied by a bass and mouth-bow. The mouth-bow that Jimmie used was actually like a shorter version of the bow from a bow and arrow. Because of the size he was able to get a "fatter" sound out of it. Jimmie also used a handmade guitar made by his great-grandfather, Elija Morris. Jimmie claims to have used this guitar on every one of his recording sessions.

We had a wonderful evening & thoroughly enjoyed all of the evenings entertainers. The place was full and there was no charge for the show, although donations were gratefully accepted when they passed the basket around. A great way to end our stay here in Mountain View.

So, we pull out tomorrow, destination Nashville, Tennessee. See you down the road!

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