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in the Japanese Garden

Cherry Blossom time

Jan's got an eye for "new life"

a view of the gardens

Japanese choir performing

Saturday 24th Sept - Cowra - Sakura Matsui Festival (Cherry Blossom)

Today we want to go to the Japanese Gardens although we 4 have been there before. It is a lovely day and when talking to a family nearby in the park, we discovered they are musicians (strings) travelling Australia for a year. They are playing at 1:00pm at the cherry blossom festival (called Sakura Matsuri). They call themselves the String Family and have a cool logo. Check out if you would like to hear some samples of their work.

We’ve just got time to do some washing and take a walk through town before going to the festival.

RonG took the opportunity to pick up a replacement camping chair and then after a quick walk around we headed to the Japanese Gardens for the festival. Great timing, the String Family are finishing their setup and ready to play in minutes. Wow, were they good. No wonder they are the 2015 National Busking Champions and that explains why they are touring for 12 months to capitalise on their success. We ate lunch while they performed and then had a walk around the gardens admiring the cherry blossom and other great gardens. The other entertainment acts were also great and over all we had a great afternoon. Back to the park to get the washing and have showers as the weather has deteriorated from the magnificent blue skies first up this morning.

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