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At Sea

When we go off to breakfast, we often arrive back to find the lovely Susan still here, fettling, which was the case today. Also, on the table, a covered plate – containing…? Well, about once a week, random staff deliver new fruit bowls (full of fruit, obviously), and each day around 5pm a plate of little somethings as a pre-dinner snack, and we have previously had Easter chocolates delivered. This one ? “What is that?” we asked Susan (she had not brought it, it just came while she was here). She made a face – “Mushrooms”

- !?

“Chocolate mushrooms”

- !!?? (as if that made it any better sounding)

On further investigation, she is right – what I can only describe as two strawberry pink toadstools with white spots standing on some green icing-blob grass. Yes, photos. They are in fact icing-type sweets, accompanied by some more conventional-looking truffles and Turkish Delight. Why ? Why do we get chocolates delivered at 10am on the last day of April ? Is it Saint Mushroom’s Day ? Are they in some way “Magic” ? Who knows – but pass them over…….where was that list of things I will miss ? Nobody delivers chocolates at 10am at home ! We decided later that the apprentice patissiers in the kitchens probably had to pass their “BTech Level 2 Chocolate Making” Module before we reach Southampton, and after a busy day of demonstrating techniques, they decided the best way to get rid of them all was to fob them off on the (willing) passengers the next morning. But who – WHO? – decided pink icingy toadstools was a good idea? The shade of Mary Berry shuddered very slightly, the words “it’s about taste and texture as well as the look of it” hung in the air. (Fay Weldon’s opinion, sadly, we do not have).

After all that excitement, the rest of the day could only be quite quiet.

After nearly 7 weeks, J discovered that the bar by the Pool on Deck 9 will dispense you a Hot Dog any time it is open; what a waste of nearly 7 weeks’ appetite, having a healthy salad from the Buffet next door instead……still, there’s a few days left…..

It went on being sunny enough to sit out in until gone 7pm; then we came in to hear later on about football delays due to “snow”…..sorry, guys !

Onwards to the Azores.

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