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I woke up a bit tired and decided to get my morning routine down and get familiar with: feeding animals, watering, washing machine, and the quietness! I walked the property, and reveled in the fruit trees, almond trees, blooming roses, and the creek at the bottom of the property line. I watered, fed the animals and decided to take a walk in to town, Trevignano. I chose not to take the dog as I wanted to get a feel for the terrain and road situation. Clouds were rolling in, so my walk was cut short of the city, but still got 1 hour in!! Uphill! Did some laundry and decided to take (drive) Jack to the lakeside beach for a walk! Getting him to car i had to use my ipad translator.... Andiamo, via, bravo grazzo (good boy!!)....Jack speaks Italian only, haha!! Ok, he is settled in the rear of the car... All good! We park, and the leash gors on, only after he tries to escape! Linda neglected to alert me of Jacks strength! As we are walking, he locates a scent of interest, and upon pursuing it.....he pulls, tugs..... I struggle and fall flat on my butt! OMG mom, I have fallen once again! I swiftly get up, brush off and proceed to tighten my grip, hoping that he was just testing me!!! He was! I took control and the rest of our walk was uneventful!!! Ran to the supermercato and then headed home! Made a delicious dinner of spaghetti, eggplant, onions, tomatoes and a huge spinach salad! I was in bed by 730pm...tried to read, but to no avail! I knew I was not up to par when I woke up, forced my somewhat productive day... Smiling because I am in Italy!!!! Buona notte all!!!!

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