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Carpe Diem (& Dinkum) at Val Vista RV Resort
We had to relocate...

Thursday, 01 Dec: Today was "move day". We started the Cummins and rolled wheels a few hundred meters to the propane tank, where we topped off our tank (baby, it's been cold!) Then we drove eighteen miles to the Val Vista RV Resort on the north side of Casa Grande where we'll spend the next few months.

We got "evicted" from Rover's Roost due to a rule that prohibits renters (us) from leaving their rig unattended for longer than seven days. Since we will be going on a three week cruise we applied for a waiver. Alas, it was denied so move we must!

Val Vista is a very nice park, albeit a bit more $$$s than the Roost. The folks have been very nice and we'll do well here. We moved the coach, got her set up, and immediately packed our bags for a cruise. Ahoy mates!

Saturday, 24 Dec: Back home to our own bed! It was a wonderful cruise, one week on the Mexican Riviera and two weeks to/from/in Hawai`i. Best of all aboard were our "shipmates" from the '09 World Cruise, Bobbie and Lee Powell. Having them aboard made it so special. They were in the cabin next to ours and are ideal traveling companions.

We were aboard the ms Oosterdam, which, at 2,000 passengers, is a tad too large for our tastes. We coped well and really enjoyed the cruise. But, as mentioned above, it is great to be back home.

We drove Dinkum to San Diego where we parked at the Best Western Seven Seas while gone. The hotel included transfer to and from the pier so it was relatively painless. We were among the first ones off the ship this morning and were on I-8 heading to Casa Grande by 0910. It was an easy 330 mile drive with lunch & fuel stop at Yuma (no way were we going to pay California fuel tax).

Tomorrow, Christmas, we'll take part in the Val Vista holiday pot luck in the clubhouse. Then catching up with shopping and mail, which should take most of next week.

To all our family and friends we wish you the best for the holidays. We have no further travel planned for this year so please jump to "2012 Travels" for future adventures...

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