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Actually, Hazel's never driven this rig one foot.

A perfect spot, right under a live oak tree with spanish moss.

Our neighbors have a Bounder diesel pusher and two dogs.

The chicken coup is right across the road, handy at 5:30 AM.

Why did the chicken cross the road? To crow under my window...

The USS Tennessee heading out to sea.

The owners of the park went out of their way to make...

We originally thought we'd just stay just one night at "A Big Wheel RV Park" in St. Marys, Georgia, but it was so nice, we were here for two days. The park is near the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, home to eight Ohio-class submarines, but you can't see much other than the guarded gates, and the chain-link fence with barbed wire. A local told me that "once in a while" you'll see a sub coming or going out in the bay.

St. Marys is a nice community, and the "historic section" is right on the water, where the National Park Service will take you by boat to the Cumberland Island National Seashore for a visit. Owned by Andrew Carnegie, the island was donated to the National Park Service many years ago, accessible only by boat.

We checked in here on Sunday afternoon, and a few minutes after arriving we had a knock on the door. The manager was inviting us to the 5 O'Clock Sunday potluck dinner in the activity building. Fortunately, I'd just cooked a pork roast the day before, so Hazel and I headed over for dinner. It was a nice opportunity to meet some of our fellow travelers, and to swap stories.

The sun hadn't even risen on Monday morning, when I heard the first "cock-a-doodle-doo". Turns out, we were right across the road from a chicken coup, a couple of roosters and a bunch of hens, and the gate was open. These critters have the run of the park! I opened the door and stepped out with my camera, and almost immediately, Junior, our Pomeranian, tore past me, hot on the trail of a hen 20 feet away. Off they went into the woods. Fortunately, the chicken had been through this before, and got away. I was picturing a dog with feathers in his mouth, and an expensive apology to the camp manager, but it turned-out ok.

Late in the morning, I stopped over to the office, paid for another day, and got directions to Walmart and the ocean. It only took a couple of minutes to unload the car from the dolly, I am getting better at that, and Hazel and I headed down the road for lunch at a small local cafe near the beach. The submarine and National Park museum were closed on Monday, maybe another day.

There is another "Passport America" park just 15 miles away, we might try that, or catch a Cracker Barrel parking lot, there are several on our way North.

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