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Tom in between the United States and Mexico. This is actually located...

Which country is Debbie in? United States or Mexico?

Welcome to Mexico!

These are poor Mexican citizens standing below the bridge hoping you will...


Sellers along the streets as you enter Mexico

From Tom and around to his right is: Tom, Marilyn, Dick, Don...

These Mexican's were playing while you ate, you thought, they then wanted...

Welcome back to the US, Texas.

These spoons were finger painted by a local Mexican. Had to buy...

Finger painted spoons

Side view of the finger painted spoons

Today Dick and Marilyn, and their friends Don and Donna, Tom and I went to spend the day in Mexico. Tom and I parked our car on the US side and walked across the bridge into Mexico, while Dick & Marilyn and Don & Donna drove across. We met them on the Mexico side.

We had a great time shopping. You could not believe all the vendors. They come right up to you trying to get you to buy their wears. Not once but over and over and over again. I quickly was told to just say "No Gracias" which is "No Thank You". They do understand those words. They actually start doing this as early as around 3 years old. I did buy some painted spoons, but that was my choice. The guy paints these spoon with his fingers. It was amazing.

We ate at a local restaurant in Mexico. I had fish tacos, which I have learned to love while on this trip. John & Jan introduced us to it while in Arizona. Tom had shrimp tacos. He said they were great.

Then we walked back across the border entering the US. We enjoyed a wonderful scoop of ice cream before getting back in our car and driving back to the RV park.

We had a great day.

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