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Shooting thru Yuculta rapids, see the yacht ahead?

Little house on Tuna Point where Mike wants to live

"School bus" for kids in Port McNeill

Approach to Port McNeill

Another beautiful view

Sea Lions on shore enjoyed the sun too

We can now add rapids to our list of things we learned in the Pacific Northwest. In the last few days we ran Yuculta, Dent, Whirlpool and Green Point rapids. Once we followed along just behind a beautiful 140 ft. pleasure yacht. Weird to watch him shoot rapids and lean over. We had to anchor once to wait for the currents before taking on another. Timing is everything. We also got hit with almost 30 kt. winds as we approached the Johnstone strait so we tucked into Tuna point and the winds just layed down while we watched the strait continue to blow just beyond our shelter.

We have yet to see whales but look forward to it. Saw some big sea lions on shore sunning themselves, and a few seals. Waiting for some bear sightings.

Landed in Port McNeill yesterday just after a cruise ship passed us on it's way to Ketchikan. We are now well into the Inside Passage and the cruise ships will be coming thru enmasse soon.

Mike spoiled me for Mother's Day. I will be getting a Kindle soon (which I am very excited about but someone will have to come and visit for a delivery) and we enjoyed a nice dinner out. This is a small quaint town with nice people but few services. We did notice today that kids from the local islands take a boat/ferry to high school, just like a school bus. Seems pretty cool to me.

Met two couples here both on Nordic Tug 42's. One couple, Noeta is from Ventura the other is from Anacortes, WA. All 6 of us enjoyed some dinner and drinks aboard this evening and we all hope to meet up again on our way to Alaska.

We bought lots of movies and groceries today so tomorrow morning we head across the Strait of Georgia which is exposed to the swells of the pacific as we head for the B.C. mainland and points north. Off we go....

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