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Helen at The Mirror Lakes, just before the 'Homer Tunnel'.

The Mirror Lakes are said to have excellant mirroring qualities.

See what they've done there? Dynamic AND clever. Well done.

You find the shape of the kiwi everywhere. This is an air...

'The Divide' - the valley that leads into Milford Sound, but there...

Vast valleys and huge forests. 10 km east of Milford Sound.

These images are so striking that we often took the same picture...

A massive hill to the left - covered in forest.

Gareth in the valley next to Milford Sound.

Mountains in the distance. There's not much snow for this time of...

More mountains in the far distance.

Water cascades down huge 200 metre high lumps of rock.

More water, more huge rocks!

The closer we got to Milford Sound the more rugged the landscape...

Driving through huge mountains. Avalanche warnings had only been lifted 3 days...

Another huge muntain in the distance

A Kea (NZ's native wild parrot) comes in to land.

Not shy is it?

The Kea loves to pose!

Read about the Kea for yourself!

Back to the amazing scenery.

Helen, 5km east of Milford Sound.

Helen in front of the huge mountains in Fjordland National Park.

Gareth takes in the views near Milford Sound.

Helen with big smiles down in the valley!

Stop showing off Helen! (She loves to be photographed!!).

Gareth also loves the camera - and it indeed loves him. ;-)

'The Chasm' - on the way to Milford Sound.

The river at 'The Chasm'.

Another shot of the river!

Why the area is called 'The Chasm' - the river suddenly shoots...

Water gushing down the hole in the ground.

Helen on the bridge at The Chasm

Helen in the forest!

Gareth at The Chasm

The final stop before Milford Sound! Scenery-tastic!!

Milford Sound! That's Mitre Peak in the distance.

Our boat to take us on Milford Sound!

Getting ready to head off into the Sound

The boat departs...

Gareth takes in the views

Gareth at Milford Sound.

Helen and The Mitre Peak at Milford Sound

One of the huge waterfalls at Milford Sound

Enjuy the next few images of Milford Sound - It's an amazing...

We were very very lucky it didn't rain on our visit.

Some of the other boats in the Sound

It rains in Milford Sound 300 days a year.

Milford Sound with Mitre Peak on the right hand side.

6 metres of rain gets dumped on Milford Sound every 12 months.

Milford Sound.

Gareth at Milford Sound.

Tree avalanche. When a tree at the top falls and takes the...

Milford Sound. A perfect day.

Gareth takes in the vastness of Milford Sound

Helen is all smiles at Milford Sound

Looking back on Milford Sound

Helen looks out at Milford Sound

A waterfall close-up. In the next shot we zoom out.

Although huge, the waterfall is dwarfed by the sheer size of Milford...

Milford Sound at the opening to The Tasman Sea.

When it rains, it pours... The walls are scarred from the water...

The New Zealand flag proudly flies at the back of our craft,...

Out in the entrance of Milford Sound - looking back. Actually -...

Milford Sound.

The entrance to The Tasman Sea

The entrance to the Sound from The Tasman Sea. Note the tree...

Another of the boats carrying the thousands of daily visitors chugs past.

The full entrance of Milford Sound

Milford Sound at the opening to The Tasman Sea.

According to the captain of the ship - these are sea lions,...

One of the huge waterfalls.

The effect of spray... genius, isn't it?

A waterfall tumbles into the Milford Sound. Gareth felt quite smug with...

You still here!? 75 photos later! This is the last. Nice isn't...

Hi Guys!




Today we went to one of the most magical places we've seen on our journey - Milford Sound. We took lots of photos. On the way we also saw lots of features that characterise the area. The first was a huge valley that was cut out by a glacier. The valley floor used to be covered in trees, but the glacier smashed those away 22,000 years ago. Grass growing is the first sign of life so maybe there will be trees again in the next 1000 years or so!!??

From there there were lots of "oooh" and "ahhh" moments - the driver stopped regularly! Mirror lakes being one of them. The water in the lake is of such an acidity that the water seems almost black. This means that the water has excellant mirroring qualities. Check the photos out - see what you think!

From there we saw Keas - wild parrots that can only be found in New Zealand. These things are very tame and brave - they were jumping on people's cars and loved to say hello!

From there we took the 'Homer Tunnel' into Milford. This tunnel was smashed out using dynamite in the 1930's and is named after the fella that found the area. The tunnel is very steep, with a 3 in 1 gradient down towards Milford. It's quite sketchy in there actually. It's not like in Europe with the posh tiles and so on, you can see the rock has been blown away. The tunnel is a mile long and there is only enough space for 1 way traffic. EEK!

Anyway, down at the bottom there is lovely Milford Sound. Wow.

It was well worth the journey. We were very pleased with what we saw. We jumped on the ferry which takes you round the sound and snapped away. Everywhere we looked there was scenery of epic proportion. We loved it. There's 75 photos on this page, but take time to look at them all - the best are at the end.

Milford is a special place and generally it rains 11 days out of 12, so as you can see we were very lucky! We had great weather although it was very windy!

On the way back up the hill to the tunnel the bus over heated! That's how steep it is! We let it cool down for an hour before carrying on through the steep tunnel. At the top of the 'hill' we all cheered! The old thing made it!

That evening we got back to Te Anau - where we are staying for a massive 4 nights!

Should be good - enjoy the pics!

Enjoy. See you soon.

Love Gareth and Helen x x x

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