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It would be hard to imagine how my life on the road could get any better than it has been, but indeed it has. Her name is Nancy, and she has become a very special part of my life.

We met by a hugely unlikely set of circumstances sometime before Chrismas and have been enjoying each others company ever since. Like me, she is an adventurer, loves to hike and bike, and has a zest for life that is unmatched by anyone that I've ever met. We have a great time together and getting to know her has been one of the most natural and delightful experiences of my life. More to come later to include a picture or two.

The weather here in Phoenix has been really great. Mid 70's during the day with lots of sun and not a whole lot of wind. In general a great place to be in January. It's very easy for me to see why so many people come here from northern climates in the winter.

The summers, I'm told, are not quite so pleasant with temperatures well above 100 degrees for many months. I'm told that 110 to 115 degree temperatures are not that unusual in July and August and even some of September. They say that it becomes somewhat tropical, in that it often rains in the afternoon for short periods of time during that July and August period.

In my opinion Usery Regional campground is at or near the top of campgrounds that I've visited during my time on the road. I love this place. At $20 per day it costs more than I'm accustomed to spending, but to me it's worth it. Included are water and 50 amp electric service, and it's only about 6 miles from where Nancy lives.

Yesterday I put in an order for a new bicycle which should be here and ready for me by later this week. It's what is called a hybrid, which is a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. Larger wheels with smaller tires than my mountain bike as well as different gearing makes it a much better bike to ride on the road, but still quite functional on roads like Forest Service roads etc. Nancy has a very nice bike, and we plan to do a lot of riding here in the Phoenix area and elsewhere. Phoenix is a very bike friendly place and lots of people ride them all over the place here. Virtually all of the roads have special areas designated for bicycling.

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