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Radium Wetlands

Fall Colours

Valley Mist - View from Carey's Pad

Another view from the balcony

Sheepish Reflections

Kindersley-Sinclair Hike

Light on Ridge

Larches Interspersed

Dale having fun

Pam too!

Larches nearly naked

Dale at the Col - looking into Sinclair drainage

Sinclair Valley

Lunch Time

Sunshine in the distance


The Artsy Shot

Another Valley View

Little Bighorn


Why it is called Bighorn Meadows

Don't get too close to Mama!

Nice of these humans to keep the grass so green!

The Deer like it here too!

Smiling for the camera!

Our friend Carey bought into a condo at Bighorn Meadows Resort in Radium and invited us to enjoy his first week there in mid-October. He actually couldn't make it out for the first part of the week so we enjoyed a couple of days on our own. The condo is on the 9th hole of the Radium Springs Golf course and has a great view over the golf course and river valley to the Purcell Mountains. We enjoyed the view, watched the sheep who hang out on the course (hence the name) and did a great hike in Kootney National Park. It was definitely fall hiking weather, quite a bit of snow on the north facing slopes, gloves and a hat required.

We did the Kindersley Sinclair Circuit which some of you may have heard of this past summer because a woman hiking there on her own had to fight off a cougar. The trail head had a sign on it warning about the cougar but said that Parks staff had searched the area and hadn't seen any further signs of the cougar. That cougar definitely outsmarted them! We didn't see him but we did see his 10cm wide muddy paw prints all over the snow in the Sinclair Valley. They lead up to what looked like a nice little hiding spot in some overhanging rocks on the side of the valley. Luckily we saw the cougar prints later in the hike. Earlier we spooked some deer who came crashing out of the bushes and in turn spooked us. Would have been even more of a heart beater if we'd seen the cougar prints first! In addition to deer and cougar signs, we also had a couple of close encounters with ptarmigans who startled us as much as the deer when they flew up out of the snow. In addition to the wildlife encounters, we enjoyed the great views and being out in the mountains on a nice fall day.

Carey joined us mid-week but unfortunately Pam had to leave that same afternoon to get back to Canmore for a photography course. Dale and Carey spent a relaxing couple of days checking out the local restaurants and sipping wine on the deck while watching sunsets and sheep.

Thanks Carey! Great place!

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