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The next day, I called Neil, he picked me up, gave me a brief driving tour of Perth..downtown, King's Park overlooking the riverfront and city, Scarborough Beach...and then took me to their home.

I spent the next few days recouperating and getting back on my feet. A brief trip to a clinic confirmed that I had Acute Gastroenteritis (probably from the damn vanilla milk!), but that I'd been through the worst.

ON Tuesday night, feeling a bit more like myself, we headed down to artsy Fremantle to meet up with some friend of theirs at the Little Creatures Brewery. It was good to have a beer and feel comfortable around solid food again! That night, Neil and some of his buddies hatched a plan to head up to Lancellin and their friend Jeff's place for a night away and few days of surfing. I, of course was welcome to come along.

The next day, we loaded up the boards and drove north to the beach town of Lancellin. Now I thought Scarborough Beach was a beach town, but Lancellin was even moreso. It was the very last town accessible by the main coastal road, and aside from a small fishing industry, there wasn;t much there besides little beach houses.

We had an afternoon surf the first day at he beach just a stone's throw from JEff's place, and then the next day headed up to the "Bombing Range" which was a good 30 mintue drive through dunes, but a lovely stretch of deserted white sand. It wasa little tough for me as the waves weren't quite as "clean" as they'd been in South Africa. Rather than breaking either left to right, or vise versa like a typewriter carriage, they tended to just break over at once which meant getting tossed about in the white water. Still it was a great few days and I was able to get much more comfortable on the board.

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