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We made our way to Heathrow for our flight to New York. We got there early as we thought that there would be a lot of mucking around with customs etc. We stood in the wrong line for tickets and just as we figured it out, and where about to move, we were approached and told of our mistake but told we could bypass the line and get checked in at the Business class desk. No worries. She was fantastc and apologised when our tickets came up saying that we were to be security checked. Hey if anything it could be a great story so we weren't really worried.

Heading off to the gift area we saw a sign that said if you have your boarding pass you should immediately proceed through customs. So we did. Well, what a sight. Everyone in line for the scanner was bare foot and even if you had thongs on, you had to take them off. Glad I hadn't worn my trek boots that morning as the smell may have offended some. The tickets that had us marked for security check didn't really get looked at, so we told them but they just let us through. We had been watching others getting checked and there was this huge bin filled with items that were restricted. Don't people listen! Water bottles, lipsticks, creams etc that are all no go's, were filling up the bins. Some people make you wonder.

We found that there was a hell of a lot more shopping in that section and went about spending the last of our pounds. One thing that we couldn't buy was a very small snow dome for Kimberley as there is water in it, it wouldn't be allowed on the plane. Now that's over kill. I found a few things and seem to have a teddy collection happening. Strange as I'm not a teddy bear person. But what the hell, they are just so damn cute in their outfits.

Next check was more thorough. Our bags were rifled through and we got felt up. Once again I pointed out our tickets but it was of no interest to them. Everyone got the same check. We passed through that section and now it was just a matter of getting on board our flight with United Airlines. Mum was still a bit worried with the whole flying to the US from the UK on an American Airline but they seemed pretty good. People seemed less intense about the whole boarding process but there was the obligatory crowding of the door to get on.

The flight was bloody fantastic. The service was top notch, the seats very comfy even with my butt and the food, wow. Lots of movies etc but still not as good a range as Singapore Airlines. It was 7 hour flight but time wise due to the time zones, it was only 2 hours and 15 mins later in the day. Talk about leaping time.

We got into the JFK without any hassle. There was the passport check when we got off the plane where Mum cracked up the guy with the saying 'flying blind'. She was referring to the fact that she didn't have her glasses on and couldn't see the form right. He had never heard the saying before and couldn't stop laughing about it. Not sure what everyone in line thought we were doing.

Picked up our luggage and headed to the sky train to get to our pick-up point for the hotel. We had booked the wrong Howard Johnson Hotel but with a quick phone call, got it fixed and stayed at one near by. The brown suger around this place is oh so yummy and I will probably get slapped from Nanna for thinking that. But come on Nanna, they are hot. Mum refers to them as Chocolate Man Candy. That's just a whole lot of goodness.

We got booked in and found that even though the place was a little ratty, it was very well equipped. It had a microwave, fridge etc which others had lacked. There was internet but we didn't use it as we weren't sure of the guy in the hallway. Bit dodgy.

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