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We missed a very heavy downpour of rain by a few minutes. We could see it coming and hid under a roof of a closed down bank. The rain started coming in sideways, and we ended up getting a little wet anyhow. That was our first experience in Sibu. Riding into town, it appeared quite rough at first. Looking for a place to stay took us to a least one hotel which had several signs of perhaps doubling as a brothel.

Our first night in town, which we had to share with some roaches, was already out of our budget. Our second place, although slightly cheaper, turned out to be a great find as it just recently opened. It might be a completely different story a couple of years from now - although we are pretty sure we destroyed the lone roach that hitchiked over with us.

We woke up early yesterday morning to ride around town. The town has a lot to offer. It has lots of people and hence there is always something interesting to look at. The river is more like a huge highway. Cargo, and people are being loaded and unloaded on boats. Fishing boats dock nearby, while long speedboats await for passengers heading into the interior. There are tonnes of little cafes, which stay open quite late. As well as a massive market open during the day, with many food stalls upstairs serving everything from meehoon goreng to cendol ABC. There is also a night market, which we could see being set up around 6pm from our window, and by 11pm it becomes a town square parking lot again.

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