Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Chaple where Shirley attended at camp 47 years ago

What a view

Kids are swimmin' kids are sailing

Dorm where Shirley stayed

On the front steps of the dorm

Another view

Come on. How great is this

Dinning Hall

Methodist Camp

Beautiful day

Pizza in Moravia

Gary and Jeanne

Boat house and studio

Capt'n Gary

Enjoying the ride

As well as Jeanne

Seneca Lake

Beautiful homes

Humble abode

Lady points the way

Nice sunset

View from the house deck

Judson paradise

There deck

One more sunset

What a great day we had as we made a few stops in the Finger Lakes region of NY state. Shirley wanted to see the Methodist youth camp Casowasco on Owasco Lake. She went there 47 years ago. Wow what a beautiful spot right on the lake and what a place to go to camp. We stopped for a great pizza slice lunch in Moravia NY. Why is it you can really only get NY style pizza in NY state. What is so hard that no one else can cook it like they do here? Then we drove over to Seneca Lake to visit with some folks daily readers of this blog know well, Gary and Jeanne Judson. They were our NOMAD team leaders in Tucson at TMM. They live on the lake in the late spring, summer and early fall. They have a beautiful spot and Gary is a fisherman. He recently has caught lake trout to 12 lbs. We had fresh trout with rice and broccoli. Before dinner they took us for a wonderful boat ride and we were out about an hour. Those who know me, nothing beats being on the water and Shirley is quite fond of it herself. We had a wonderful time chatting and just having fun.It was a great day all around. Enjoy the pics.

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