Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

The chow line

Me and Richard, Shirley's Mom's husband

Leona (Shirley's Sis), Richard and Aunt Clara

Trickling waterfall

Not much of a flow

Chowing down

The photographer with Mom and Richard, Leona and Dale

The surviving Talada sisters, Thelma (Shirley's Mom), Aunts Charlotte and Clara sitting

Sister Paula and her grandaughter Sofia

Sister Dee and Jack

Richard holding up the monkey bars

Most of the surviving VanDuzer girls minus Bonnie

The handsome couple

Lots of little ones

Cousin Stanley's classic makes it back to the blog

Melanie our compter hero niece

Family reunion #1 is in the books. What a beautiful day for the 80 folks who attended the Talada reunion at Waverly Glen Park. Everyone brought a dish to pass and there were some awesome eats. Shirley took family pictures of all the different groups. There was a playground for the many kids, a waterfall and a very large pavilion to keep everyone comfortable. This is Shirley's mothers side of the family with her Dad's side reunion coming Saturday. One terrific benefit of the reunion from my perspective is that our niece Melanie is a computer expert and makes her living in that arena. Well she asked me what was wrong with our computer and could she come over and look at it. After first taking a look at our new computer and our external backup drive she FOUND all our document files! Including my statistic excel spreadsheet. I was so happy. It took someone with her experience to find these files as they were buried in the back up files. Shirley and I would never have been able to find them. Melanie......our hero! Enjoy the pics.

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