Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

This is a nice picture. We are still holding hands nearly 17...

Well we've got this spiffy new computer and Shirley luckily backed up our old one 2 weeks before it crashed. So we have all our pictures (14,000). That's the good. The bad is somehow it appears the excel spreadsheet I have been keeping our stats on daily for nearly 17 months appears not to be there. We will be taking our computer and backup drive to Best Buys to see if they can find it. I hope so since keeping the statistics I do has been one of my trip hobbies. Not much to report on but Shirley and her sister and Jack went to a graduation party for a distant relative. They joined Shirley's mother and since the girls weren't real excited to go I stayed home. My mistake. Evidently everyone had a very good time. Getting ready for the first family reunion of the week. This one is Shirley's mothers side of the family. Didn't take any pictures but I have an oldie but goody today. Enjoy.

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