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Carpes at Seven Clans Casino

Downtown Grand Rapids (MN)

US 2 in northwest Minnesota—sweet!

US 2 in northwest Minnesota—not sweet!

Cass Lake Minnesota

Thu, 13 Aug: A shake of the dice and a different plan of the day... That's what full-timing is all about.

Well, our plan for the day called for us to head to Great Forks ND and overnite at the Wal*Mart. In fact, that was what was programmed into our GPS units. Bob drove the first leg and Sandi the second. By the time Sandi took the helm it was already in the eighties with highs forecast for the nineties. We enjoy boondocking, except when it is very hot and the lack of air conditioning becomes a big negative.

So, Bob did some research and found a casino with free parking and electricity a bit north of US 2. He called them and learned that there was room, so the GPS units got reprogrammed and we're now parked at the Seven Clans Casino outside Thief River Falls Minnesota. We have electricity, but it is only twenty amperes! Our coach is designed for 100 ampere service, and we can do just fine with thirty. Twenty will be a stretch, but if we run only one of our two air conditioning compressors we can stay within the limits and still be comfy. And that, boys and girls, is just what we're doing.

We departed the Grand Rapids Wal*Mart a bit after eight and arrived at the casino half past eleven. Our route was entirely along US 2 except for the jog north on US 59 to Thief River Falls. The roads were mostly OK except for numerous construction zones, one of which entailed a several mile detour. Total mileage was 158 miles with an overall fuel economy of eight mpg.

The heat wave is expected to continue so we'll be looking to stay in RV parks or some other facility that allows us to cool the coach. Stay tuned...

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