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Anaconda, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Bird (as yet unidentified), Los Llanos, Venezuela

Burrowing Owl, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Anaconda, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Anaconda, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Swimming Anaconda, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Orinoco Ducks (endangered), Los Llanos, Venezuela

Turtle, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Kingfisher, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Spoonbill,Los Llanos, Venezuela

Iguana, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Bird (as yet unidentified), Los Llanos, Venezuela

Yellow Oriol, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Tiger Heron, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Maribou Stork, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Scarlet Ibis, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Macaws, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Anaconda, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Piranha Fish, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Caiman, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Lizard, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Bird (as yet unidentified), Los Llanos, Venezuela

Capybaras, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Roger (the guide) and the second anaconda, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Two birds and the sunset, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Ice Rainbow, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Birds in early morning mist, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Birds in the early morning mist, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Second anaconda, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Second anaconda, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Young giant ant eater, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Landscape, Los Llanos, Venezuela

Tuesday 15th April 2014

Caracas to Los Llanos, Venezuela

Today we set off from Caracas at 5:00am and drove out of the city first to the north to try and get some diesel for the truck – success after yesterday when there was none to be had in Caracas. We finally left the city – it was very misty and then overcast all day. Because Caracas is at 900m altitude, it is relatively cool so when we dropped down to the plains, it was hot again. We drove all day, and once were stopped by the police who said that the driver had disobeyed some rule about overtaking and they wanted a bribe. Then there was another police check, where they inspected some of the bags on the truck and they finally let us proceed. We then drove through the rest of the day and met our local guide at a town on the way. Finally we arrived at the place where we transferred all of our bags from the truck to another vehicle so they could be transported to the place where we were staying for tonight and tomorrow night. We all got into two 4X4 vehicles at around 6:45pm and headed off to our camp. It is out in Los Llanos, a famous wetland that has a lot of birdlife and wildlife. En route we stopped to watch the sunset and the guide had an esky full of beer which went down very well. When we arrived there were a number of rooms with various items of furniture in them. We had a single bed shifted into our room and there were also two hammocks, but no electricity. Most of the others slept in rooms with hammocks, while the couples had a room each. After we had set ourselves up, we had dinner, chicken, beans and rice, all cooked by the family who ran the homestay. After dinner it was off to bed at around 10:30pm. It was a totally exhausting day and we were very tired at the end of it.

Wednesday 16th April 2014

Los Llanos, Venezuela

We were up today at 5:00am to go for a river cruise or a game drive. We got the river cruise first, so just outside the camp; we stopped to see the sunrise!!! And then about 200 metres down the road, we saw a huge anaconda near a waterhole. We all walked over to where the snake was to take photos. The guide estimated that the snake was about 4 – 4½ metres long. After we had finished photographing the snake it slid into the waterhole and swam away. We headed down to the river and jumped in a long narrow metal boat for our game and bird spotting trip. There were lots of birds (including the Crested Coracora; Tiger Heron; Water Pheasant; Rosate Spoonbills; and Scarlet Ibis) in the trees on the bank and caiman and iguanas on the bank and, in the river, river otters, dolphins as well as piranha and electric eels. There was a huge variety of animals and creatures. The weather was fine and hot. After about two hours we stopped and some people caught fish to eat for lunch – piranhas mainly. We then went back in the boat and saw many more birds and some capybaras (large rodent like animals about as tall as a Labrador dog). We went back to the campsite for lunch and had a rest till about 3:00pm when we went out again spotting game. This time we saw many birds in waterholes – the dry season is finished and the rainy season is just beginning (15th April till November) and the waterholes are almost empty. We also saw more capybaras, native deer, caiman and another anaconda – not quite as big as the one this morning but very beautiful. Late in the day we found and photographed a young anteater, a very interesting creature with a very long nose. The only animal we didn’t see today was a puma; apparently they are there but are quite shy. This whole area of Los Llanos is bigger in area than the British Isles and only 150,000 people live there. It is totally flat with many rivers that run out of a range of the Andes Mountains. The rivers all run into the Orinoco River, largest in Venezuela. The whole area is farmed extensively, mostly beef cattle (Brahmans and also Water Buffalo) and surprisingly this helps the animals and birds to survive in these massive wetlands. It was a fantastic day and we really enjoyed it. The other half of our group did the game drive in the morning and the river trip in the afternoon and a big storm came over while they were out and they got absolutely soaked and had to stop and bail the water out of the boat. [Later it was discovered that the passport of one of our fellow travellers who joined the truck in Caracas had got soaked through and resulted in her leaving the trip within a few days] Meanwhile we stayed dry in our 4X4 minibus. Dinner tonight in the camp and then to bed around 10:00pm. An early start again tomorrow.

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