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Carpe Diem and Carpe Dinkum at FMCA Campground
A very nice member-only facility

Carpes ready to squeeze out of Frontier CG

The sign tells all about Frontier CG access
The heavily wooded campground can...

Exiting to I 275 loop road around Cincinnati

We exited I 275 on Ohio 32 to FMCA CG

FMCA Campground and mail service facility

Welcome to FMCA Campground
Carpe is in the rear by the trees

On the Bourbon Trail
Some of the roads are truly "trails"

Town Branch (Lexington) distillery

We toured the Four Roses distillery

Four Roses

Fermentation tank
The aroma is "heady"

Sandi checks out fermentation tank
Or is she the "hot stuff"?

Downtown Wilmington Ohio

Clinton County Courthouse in Wilmington Ohio

Tasteful Veteran's Memorial outside Courthouse

Wed, 24 Sep: Another easy day's drive...

We are really getting in the habit of making short hops between stops, and to be truthful they can be habit forming. Today's run was a tad over fifty miles: From Waynesville southeast of Dayton to Newton, a "burb" on the east side of Cincinnati. Sandi had the helm today and, with the exception of some construction on Ohio 48, it was an uneventful post rush hour run.

But first, we had to extract Carpe from her nest among the many trees in the Frontier Campground. As noted in our previous post, Frontier is not at all big-rig friendly and Bob had a dickens of a time getting into the too-tight campsite. That, along with the heavy shade trees made our stay less than pleasant.

In addition to the tight quarters inside the park, the access roads are nothing to write home about either. The last few miles to the campground are along very narrow country lanes. Fortunately, we did not encounter any RVs heading the other way so we were able to use the better part of the road. That said, we did get out with nary a scratch and were heading south on US 42 around nine.

Our trip was along US 42 south to Lebanon, where we picked up OH 48 bypass to I 71. There was a construction squeeze just before the interstate that backed up traffic, but we eventually found ourselves on I 71 heading south. North of Cincinnati we transitioned to the I 275 loop that took us east of downtown to OH 32 and eventually to the FMCA Campground.

We are now in the very well appointed FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) full service campground which is co-located with their mail forwarding service facility. They offer members two nites complementary camping per month, and an additional five nites at a very reasonable rate. We're signed up to remain here till Monday morning, but have the option to stay as many as two additional days if we choose to do so.

Once we got set up we took the car to Costco. We need our "Costco fix" every once and a while and this was the first we've visited since Ann Arbor. Natch we dined at the Food Court and picked up a few "essentials". We're trying to empty our freezer as we'll be leaving on a cruise in thirty days. So we limited our purchases to veggies and other perishables.

We met friends Chuck and Jan McFarlane for dinner. We've known Chuck & Jan for many years, first in California and later in Michigan. They're stamp dealers and Bob has dealt with them both professionally and socially for more years than any of us care to admit.

They are now living in Kentucky, just over the river from Cincinnati. They drove to our coach so we could show them through our home on wheels. After a nice visit and catch up we headed to nearby Quaker Steak & Lube for dinner and more conversation. We had a most enjoyable evening and appreciate Chuck & Jan taking the time to visit with us.

Fri, 27 Sep: A busy few days... or, where did the time go?

By goodness, is it Friday already? Since we arrived in Cincinnati on Wednesday we've been quite busy.

Yesterday, Thursday was pretty much a "home day". We've been accumulating dirty laundry for a while so the time was nigh to attack our growing pile. We drove to a nearby self service laundry and commandeered several machines and were in and out in ninety minutes. A quick stop at Wal*Mart for produce and back to the coach for lunch.

In the afternoon we took tours of the FMCA headquarters as well as their mail sorting facility. The folks were very friendly and genuinely happy to see us. A quiet dinner at home including a very relaxing happy hour sitting on our patio enjoying the perfect weather.

Which brings us to today... We took the car on a drive along the eastern section of Kentucky's Bourbon Trail. The "trail" consists of seven distilleries spread from Lexington to Clermont. Today we visited the four distilleries to the east: Four Roses, Town Branch, Wild Turkey, and Woodford Reserve.

As with our earlier visits in '09 & '10, we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The distilleries were crowded so we limited our tours to Four Roses, which was closed when we last visited in '10. Believe it or not, nary a drop of Bourbon passed our lips until we returned home. We were both very good and "responsible".

It was a very long (about 265 miles) day but we enjoyed spectacular weather and gorgeous scenery. But then again, what's not to like about Bluegrass Country?

Sun, 29 Sep: Two more great days in Cincinnati...

Yesterday, Saturday, was another "home day". We've both been quite remiss with our household paperwork, so we "chained" ourselves to our computers. Bob worked on his books while Sandi scanned important documents prior to shredding them. Our license expire the end of September and they needed to be affixed to the license plates (the correct tabs on the correct vehicle...)

We never started the car all day and enjoyed another perfect day. Again, we really loved our relaxing happy hour on our patio.

Today the weather dawned cloudy and it has been sprinkling on and off most of the day. No worries as we had an important date—lunch with Kevin & Barb Wholever, dear friends from our Bay City days. Kevin & Barb are two very special people, as are their now-grown and married sons.

Kevin was the Assistant Director of the National Environmental Supercomputing Center of Bay City Michigan. We had the privilege of working for Kevin for several years and we've kept in touch ever since. Barb is one of the sweetest people we know, and a lovely human being.

We met them for brunch at the General Denver Hotel in Wilmington Ohio. Wilmington, the Clinton County seat, is a neat town located off I 71 roughly midway between Cincinnati and the Wohlever's home in Columbus.

Brunch was good, but more important was the "catch up" time. Both of their sons (we remember them as young lads in grade school) are now married and pursuing careers of their own. After dining we walked around the downtown, which features several lovingly maintained buildings. The County Courthouse is from 1916 and includes a very tasteful War Memorial honoring veterans from all conflicts.

We finally headed our own ways just before the storm hit around one. We drove back with on-and-off rain, but nothing too intense. We're now back home catching up (hence this Journal update).

We're scheduled to head out tomorrow morning but we think we'll stick around for another day. We still need to complete the western portion of the Bourbon Trail so we'll probably head to Bardstown Kentucky from here and use that location as our base of operations.

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