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Workers Painting Along Coast of Mykanos

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Well, once again we are reminded that all planning must be temporary. We asked everywhere yesterday about boats to Delos and most said yes, they go every day. Then at the Star Ferry office the gal said the daily boats don't begin til April but we could inquire at the dock which we did. A fellow working there said very clearly, 'Yes, tomorrow at 8am, the Magdelina' and pointed to the boat. YES! We made our plans accordingly, stocking up on food, etc (no facilities on Delos...food VERY pricey). Got up at 7:30, and by 8:45 we were at the dock. NO BOAT. Asking a man there he said it let at 8:30!!! A real bummer! Later we went back to the Star Ferry office, different gal this time, explained what transpired and she said, 'Oh yes, it only goes now on Friday and Sunday at 8am!'

Double bummer...the wrong gal yesterday at Star and the guy at the dock with wrong info on time! Needless to say Bon was REALLY down. She'd been looking forward to seeing the ruins on Delos and our only reason to come to Mykonos was Delos! We then thought we could take a bus around the island, Maria had pointed out the bus station yesterday, No buses til April and taxis charge $40 euro/hour!

So there are downsides to off season, but this mainly reinforces my resolve to look at our journey not in destination terms. It should be (as we usually take it) a process, the journey is just that, a journey. Our bicycling friend said it as well, "When I get to a destination I'm only there perhaps half a day and many cases only some minutes or an hour! But I have been cycling all day meeting people, seeing things along the way. Most of my time is spent in this way. So this is the destination of travel!"

Once again...Be Here Now!

At noon we watched the island celebration of Greek Independence...all the schools gathered at there park by the port and priests did their invocations, kids made 'speeches' , the band played and the crowd applauded.

We leave at 7:30am tomorrow saddened by what we missed but glad for what we experienced.

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