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Me and Katie feeding our faces

Mounting a xmas decoration

Martin hanging around


Boulogne Duomo

Korina @ Boulogne castle

Korina and profiterole

Katie in the Boulogne markets

Normandy coast near where D-Day happened

Random castle on Normandy coast

Korina and French xmas decorations

Another weekend away - this time inspired by some cheap train tickets and some equally cheap chunnel tickets to France in Katie and Martin's car.

The weekend started poorly, with me missing the train and needing to pay another £60 to get on the next one which did not bode well for an affordable weekend. It also meant that I got in pretty late, so most of the trip was lacking a lot in the sleep department.

Saturday morning started early, rising at 3am for the drive down towards Dover and then over to Calais. Some rather lax border control procedures later and we were on our way down to Boulogne-sur-mer - a coastal village famed for its old town, great food and xmas markets. We spent the day sampling various pieces of French cuisine and walking around the old town and market. The dietiticians amongst us were amazed at the quality and availability of the food and much raving was to be heard.

Unfortunately the weather was, well, quite crap, alternating between Artic breezes and heavy rain, but we managed to get a good look around before the poor weather really set in as we got there pretty early. After it got a bit moist, we headed back towards Calais stopping for a late lunch in a little fishing village. Again, amazing but simple food was appreciated by all.

No British trip to France would be complete without stocking up the boot full of cheap booze. Three bottles of good wine (there were tastings) for 10 euros and 24 european beers for £7 (this is very cheap for the UK) were the best examples. The car weighed down and bottles clinking in the boot, it was then back to Kent, and for me, a nap as I had been feeling pretty unwell off and on for about 2-3 days.

Sunday saw an improve in the weather so Katie, Korina and I went for a walk in the pretty countryside. We were taking a shortcut down a public accessway which crossed a rather muddy orchard when some yappy little terriers ran out. Ignoring them turned out to be unwise as one walked up behind us and nipped Korina on the ankle, drawing blood. I then spent the next few hours speculating out loud what combination of Tetanus and / or Rabies would result, with the effect that Korina is getting a Tetanus shot today!

After the walk, we then headed around to the local pub for a Sunday lunch (another food story - guess what happens when you hang around dietiticans!). Roast turkey, and it was great!

We then chilled out in the afternoon before proceeding back into London and up to Leeds later on in the evening.

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