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It was very early start today after a couple of hours kip.

As expected some porters took our bags down to the shuttle so I tipped them and then some other dude in a uniform came up and wanted some money. WE HAD NEVER SEEN HIM BEFORE AND HAD NO IDEA WHAT HE DID!

We politely declined.

I know it just sounds like we are moaning at every little thing now but honestly after a week of this kind of thing constantly it just really winds you up.

We talked to a really friendly German bloke when we were getting our Vietnamese Visas and he said exactly the same thing, at first you are polite and try to tell them to go away but it happens for so long and so often that you just cannot stay polite.

Add to that no sleep and you can imagine our mood!

Anyway our flight to Hong Kong (6 hours) was cool, it was quite empty so we were able to spread out a little.

We got our connecting flight to Ho Chi Minh a couple of hours later which again was quite empty, a little bit delayed, but was only a 2 hour flight so was cool as well.

It did cross our minds that our baggage may not have been transfered with us however so it was a BIG relief to see it appear on the carousel in Ho Chi Minh.

We had arranged a pick-up from the hostel we were staying at in Ho Chi Minh and were pleasantly suprised to see them waiting for us at the airport.

Javier the swiss/vietnamese man in charge on the hostel was very nice and friendly and didn't want our money (very refreshing from the last week).

Even the driver dropped us off and then drove off without expecting anything extra from us.

Oh also we had been moved/upgraded to a better room free of charge as well.

Our room in MASSIVE with a nice balcony and ensuite.

We like Vietnam A LOT already!!!


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