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Bailey in the Kamloops area

Tanya at Hell's Gate

Peter, Tanya, Bailey at the Airtram entrance

Hell's Gate trams - one goes up - the other goes down...

Picnic in Abbotsford BC

Beluga whale show at the Aquarium

Bailey at the Aquarium

Help Me I'm under water!

Lions Gate Bridge

Monkeying Around at Lynn Valley

Bailey crossing the suspension bridge by herself

Port Coquitlam Memorial Book & Cemetery Garden


Capilano between the Hatchery and Dam

Bailey walking where New Moon was filmed!

Capilano Fish Hatchery


We had a nice but short visit with Joan and Mike before we headed to the Calgary Airport to pick up Tanya and Bailey. We were really happy to see them arrive in Alberta! After staying the night in Calgary we left the next day and headed to Salmon Arm, our first stop. Bailey opted to ride with Oma (me) and Tanya road with Peter in the Audi.

We were very fortunate to have mostly dry roads and just a skiff of snow on the sides as we drove out of Alberta. Just as we left Calgary the snow started falling. After our lunch stop we once again left just as the snow started…… This was the way the whole day went – we’d drive out of town just staying just ahead of the snowfall. Unfortunately for Bailey, her first trip through the Rockies and we missed the mountain views due to the clouds.

Oct 4th dawned cold and sunny and we stopped for a sightseeing tour at the Hells Gate Airtram. While paying for our tickets Peter mentioned that brother Dave used to work here years ago. The guy behind the desk told us that Dave was his first boss. He said he’ll never forget him – he was tough but fair and he still tries to live up to the work ethic that Dave taught. He also told us that Dave was the best boss/friend he ever had! That was so nice to hear. Since we were family he also gave us a ‘Dave discount’. Peter, Tanya and Bailey headed down the steepest non-supported tram in North America - descending 1044 feet down and across the Fraser River to the lower terminal.

This is the deepest and narrowest section of the Fraser River – only 110 feet wide with over 200 million gallons of water flowing through this gorge every minute (twice the volume of Niagara Falls). On the other side they visited the café, gift shop, fudge shop and walked across the Suspension Bridge. I have been down there twice (many years ago) and since I am afraid of heights – that was two times too many! The only problem is that the washrooms are on the other side… if you need to go… have to take the tram across the river……or sit on your heels while you wait for everyone to come back! LOL!

We stayed in Abbotsford for a few nights with Tanya’s grandmother (her dad’s mom). Since the weather was nice we visited a local park and enjoyed a picnic lunch. While staying at my cousin Heidi & Paul’s home in Langley we had to run a few errands, so Tanya and Bailey took the skytrain to downtown Vancouver and they visited Gastown, the Seabus, and Lonsdale Quay. We got a phone call from Bailey while she was at the Quay and she told us a remarkable story of the Seagull that stole her Beavertail. They’d stopped for a snack and just as Bailey took her second bite of the Beavertail the seagull landed on her shoulder, grabbed the food from her mouth and as she flew away her wing clipped Bailey’s forehead – leaving a slight mark! She was so excited and figured this was the best part of the whole trip!

We visited the Vancouver Aquarium, Capilano Fish Hatchery - where parts of the New Moon show was filmed – and Bailey was thrilled about this. We also headed to the Lions Gate Bridge, as well as the Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge where Peter decided to play ‘monkey’ – hanging upside down on the bridge cables… will be kids……

It was a beautiful sunny day when Peter, Tanya, Bailey, Aunt Annemarie, my cousin Heidi and I headed to Port Coquitlam to have a small memorial for my mother as we spread her ashes. A plaque for my mom is placed on the Memorial Book in the Cemetery Garden. I really appreciated the support from my family through this whole time – thank you so much for your love.

Peter, Tanya and I enjoyed showing Bailey the lower mainland - greater Vancouver area where her family grew up. Fortunately we had a number of sunny days. Our next stop – Vancouver Island. Hope you enjoyed our sightseeing tour. Till later, Peter & Connie

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