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The huge valley on the way to Milford Sound - smashed out...

Now let's take 20 paces back... the place is flooded with tourists!

Another shot of the valley floor.

This valley is about 40 km north of Te Anau - 60...


We were all travelling to Milford Sound today, which is about 200 miles from Queenstown, so we had to leave at 8am. We had a new driver too, called Spike! The poor old soul had a terrible day...

On the way to Te Anau (which is half way to Milford) the poor sod got a speeding ticket! He was doing about 56mph in a 50 zone. In NZ people are so much more natural in front of cops than in the UK! Spike could be heard saying "REALLY? Oh for f***s sake!", followed by throwing stones around etc! Then you could hear him on the phone to the office (still in front of the policeman) "Mate! I've got a f*******g speeding ticket!". Kiwis and Aussies really like to pepper their language with expletives! Spike was really funny whilst driving, saying things like "Don't sleep now, there's a great view soon, but in 20 mins there's two fifths of bugger all! Sleep then!". He had the whole bus in stitches!

At Te Anau we got our keys for the hostel and sorted out food at the Supermarket etc. Then it was back on the bus to Milford Sound.

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