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Lake O'Hara

Misty Morning

An icy cliff

Glowing larches

Mary Lake

View West from Opabin Prospect

Wiwaxy Peak


Pam on the Prospect

Dale on the Opabin Plateau

Glowing Icicles


Looking North across Cascade Lakes

Lunch time!

Light on Larches

Dale dwarfed by Yukness Mountain

Reflection of Odaray

The Trail to Lake Oesa

The O'Hara version of Victoria Falls

Mount Huber in the Mist

Enjoying the View

Lake Oesa


Early evening view from our cabin

Big Larches Trail

Looking SW over Schaffer Lake

Larches in front of Wiwaxy Peaks

Lake McArthur

Post-holing up Schaffer Ridge

On the ridge

Dale below Mt. Schaffer

We ran into Phil....

...and Alicia

Alicia camouflaged as a larch

Looking NE over Schaffer Lake

View East

Kettle Valley Wine Tasting

Dinner companions

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360 from Schaffer Ridge

The year of spending continues..... We're just back from another fabulous weekend at Lake O'Hara! We lucked out and got a much coveted spot for the final weekend at Lake O'Hara Lodge. This is the second year that this last weekend has included an evening of food and wine pairings featuring an Okanagan winery. This year it was Kettle Valley Winery.

We took the bus in Friday morning to find about a foot of fresh snow on the ground. At first glance it didn't look much different than when we go there skiing in March. But then we noticed the golden colored larches and the blue water of the lake, no ice yet! The combination of snow, larches and open lakes was very striking. Making it even better was the weather on Friday, one of those clear fall days with blue, blue skies and no clouds. We hiked up onto Opabin Plateau and then over to Lake Oesa. Not difficult hiking but incredibly beautiful. That night we had one of the lodge's usual delicious meals and got some ideas from Bruce (one of the owners) for our next trip(more to come once we get it planned).

The weather wasn't quite as nice on Saturday, more clouds than sun and the trails were packed down and a bit slick. So we did a relaxing hike up the Big Larches trail to Shaffer Lake and then over to Lake McArthur. Just to make it a bit more exciting, we climbed up onto a ridge of Mt. Schaffer (actually we post-holed in the knee-thigh deep snow up onto the ridge). It was worth getting the wet feet, the views were great! On the way down we ran into friends Phil and Alicia who were in hiking for the day. We hiked with them for a couple of hours before heading back to our cabin to rest up for the festivities.

What a great evening! A 6 course meal with 5 different Kettle Valley wines (as much of each as you wanted, pacing was important!). The food and the wine was excellent! One of the Kettle Valley Winery owners was at the event and told us about each of the wines as they were poured. Most of these wines are really difficult to get so it was a real treat. We sat with some interesting folks at dinner which made the night that much more enjoyable.

A great end to a great season of hiking!

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