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Alternate Title: It's a Small World After All!

So I left MAuritius feeling a I had what I thought was an absolutely wonderful afternoon in the Market in Port Louis, but I seem to have eaten the wrong thing in the "food court." Maybe it was the vanilla milk with passion fruit?

In anycase, I was very thankful for my business class seat on Air Mauritius. Still I arrived in Perth in the morning achy and feverish and booked a single room in a hostel and hunkered down to ride out the storm. I woke up feeling marginally better after about four hours of hard sleep and decided to give Neil and Mel Rae a call whom I'd met at the Ubuntu Backpackers in Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa.

We'd arranged that I would catch the bus out to their place in Scarborough Beach just North of the city and catch up that afternoon. Now here's where the Small World thing comes in.

I set off walking towards the bus station to get a little sense of the Perth. It is a wonderful, new-feeling place, but like many major western cities, could be just about anywhere. Randomly, I decided to cut up one street to Hay Street to see what was up there, (and I was also a bit unsure of where the bus station was!) And it was an interesting change, much more pedestrian than the Skyscraper lined boulevard I was on.

As I passed a cafe I noticed a young man with a crazy, spiky punk hair-do, and also a dark-haired young woman sitting across from him. I passed them and kept walking for a a minute or two, when I suddenly turned and went back.

I approached the small group and tapped the young woman on the shoulder, "Excuse me, could you please tell me the best way to get to your house?" It was the Rae's daughter, Dominique! She had recognized me as well, which was quite good on her part as I'd had beard when we met in South Africa. We both marveled at the coincidence for a few minutes, and she pointed me in right direction for the bus station.

In the end, I didn't make it to Neil and Mel's that afternoon. When I reached the bus station, I was again feeling awful. I called and said I thought it best I return to my room and just rest.

It was nice to get a knock on the door a few hours later with a note from the front desk that some people had come by to see how I was. Neil and Mel, anmd their son Sim (Simeon) had come by to check on me, but because of privacy act limitations, the desk wasn't allowed to give them any information. As I faded off to feverish sleep, it was nice to know I had soem friends looking out for me in Perth.

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