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Surfer's Paradise

Surfer's Paradise (2)

So I left Byron Bay. I got on the road and the first stop on our route was Nimbin. This place is populated by normal people and also by hippies. There are stores like the Hemp Factory and "Bringabong" on the main street. There was an old lady knitting sweaters on the street who asks everyone if they want marijuana. Overall, this stop is just goofy, but the younger people who actually like to have fun (which really isn't me) probably enjoyed the stop.

We then made our way up to another couple of beach stops - Point Danger and Surfer's Paradise. Surfer's Paradise is not really a paradise - it is a beach with high rise apartments and hotels and tons of shopping malls. The whole place is a beach so again the stop was lost on me. I walked the length of the beach but was not really impressed. We spent about 3 hours there which felt like an eternity.

After surfers Paradise we went to the Gold Coast Zorb center. I got another chance to roll down a hill in a giant ball (See the Rotorua entry). Same experience, just as disorenting. Insurance breaching activities now at 12. We then got into Brisbane. I didn't go out in the evening because I am coming down with some sort of cold and am feeling like crap. I am planning on seeing Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo and the Queensland Museum.

I am spending 4 nights here so keep checking up.

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