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Welcome to Chumporn - ferry crossing

the view from the waiting area

6am sunrise

it just keeps going and going...

Everybody's just hangin around

Sleeping beauty!

The ferry finally arrives

home sweet home

beautiful blue water views

pretty in pink

Andrea on the rocks

Brian on the rocks

chillin in the giant hammock

view 1

view 2

unpacking for the 5-day stay

back to the books!

heading out to our first dive

here we are...

Where do we start?

ready to go!

are you sure?

you bet!

Good to go

Down we go

the 3 wise men

Swedish and Norwegian gals

Japanese and Israeli couple

the whole crew

Indian/Aussie friends eating pancakes

a well deserved dinner

Well, we are now offically qualified divers! Scary thought!

Our travels to Koh Tao started with a 8pm overnight bus ride to Chumporn where we waited from 6-10am for the ferry that was due to arrive at 8am. The sunrise was nice but it soon turned to rain...the joys of travelling!

Once across to Koh Tao, we made our way through the crowds touting for business and hopped on the back of pick up trucks to our dive centre - Buddha View. (You'll see Brian wearing his red Buddha view t-shirt in many photos to come...)

Ours was a 5-day Open Water PADI Course complete with 5 dives and exams. Yup, it was back to reading and studying...on our holidays too! Our nerves were a bit shakey as we got into the pool to re-aquaint ourselves with the gear. We had dived before but only for an intro course in Cancun, Mexico. Here we would experience a lot more and learn what to do when our masks came off underwater and better yet, when our air supply got cut off...underwater!!! The photo called the 3 wise men included: one of the underwater videograhers (blonde one); Craig (our very capable Scottish instructor in the middle); and Jack (a Northern Irish Master Diver from Carrickfergus).

The areas we dived in were spectacular....crystal blue waters. It had been cloudy though and would typically rain around 4 pm just as we were arriving back from our dives. It had been a wet year and this was unusually late for their rainy season. Everything we needed was near to our rooms and the views were great as we hit the books!

Our diving group was quite a cultural mix, but fun people. We'd often go for dinners together after a full day out in the waters. Unfortunately, our underwater camera only goes to a depth of 1.5 metres so you'll have to wait to see our video of us under the sea with all of the tropical fish and corals. What a souvenir and overall experience!

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