Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

The geese

This fellow really wanted Herta's strawberry sundae!

Off to greener pasture

Unobstructed, geese-less view from our park bench

We're finished with our sundaes

Dad with his Grandsons

The guys

Tommy and Elyse

The Girls

Mom gives Rosie away

Two Grandpas

Four generations of Bob Strachans

The bride cuts a rug

Tommy boy is a dancin' fool

Grampa dancing with grand aughter Julianna

While the California Strachans were enjoying Rosie & Patrick's wedding, Herta & I were having a leisurely "No Destination" drive on The Island. We stopped by Mickey D's...picked up two sundaes then drove to a picturesque park to enjoy them. Before we could even sit down on the park bench, at least a dozen geese had surrounded us. When we did not readily give up our ice cream, they mosied on to greener pastures. From the Left Coast the Wedding and reception was fantastic. What a day for my niece Rosie and her now husband Patrick. The whole Strachan clan was in attendance and the fun at the reception was just incredible. Beautiful day for a wedding sunny and mid 70's. Looks like Dad and I are heading to Catalina Island tomorrow. Enjoy the pics.

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